Saturday, April 6, 2013

Spoke too soon...

I had to do a cold interview on Thursday with this kid who's managing a painting business this summer, and hey, small world, his mother was the nurse who helped deliver Abby.* That has nothing to do with the story, it's just a clue so my mother knows who I'm talking about. Anyway, this kid is a mechanical engineering major, and he's extremely articulate and probably a genius because he came up with all kinds of quotes without any notice at all. At the very end of the interview I'm like, well, I need a photo of you, but if you're still in Corvallis... and he's like, no problem, I'll email one.

In my inbox yesterday was the promised picture. The subject? "Mug Shit."

And I have been giggling about that ever since.

*She brought in a newborn and was all like, this is what you're working for! And I'm like, uh, transitional labor, no one cares. Memories! Are fun.

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