Wednesday, December 31, 2014

2014 in review... because I'm out of ideas, basically

Ah, another year has gone by. And you know, it's actually been a pretty good one. I like to take stock when things come to a close. Perspective! And now I know how the stories all end.

Yay endings!

Let's wrap this year up, shall we?

Look at this artistic photo I took of our Christmas Tree!

In January, I continued with my Project 333 and minimalist mania, and The Care Package Project commenced. Not too shabby of a start.

February brought me waging a losing battle in a quest for a free lunch, a CPP failure and landslides. February sucked, now that I think about it.

In March, I let relationships go and experimented with saying yes. My grandpa's kidneys failed and he almost died. But he didn't. And update: He's still here. Every time I talk with him (like last night), it's a gift.

April! I wrote 13 straight days of posts for my mother's birthday, but then she was in Longview a lot dealing with the aforementioned kidney failure and all that entailed, so I'm not sure she even got to read any of them. Who cares, Grandpa is alive! Oh, yeah, and I gave up processed food for Lent and got shat upon by a bird. What the hell, April?

And then, in May, I won a huge gift basket that put my minimalist leanings to the test. Not really. I just gave a bunch of stuff away, which was fun. Update: We still have gift certificates to use. Oh, and we got to spend a day with family that we hadn't thought possible just a couple months before.

June kind of put us through the wringer a bit, what with Johanna's jerky stomach and the dude that went batshit crazy on me for misspelling a word in an article. But hey! It also brought us the church rummage sale, aka The Yearly Event In Which We Unload All Our Crap. So that was a win, at least.

July is always a favorite of mine because it's my birthday. Even though I'm old and shriveled now, I can't help but get excited when July rolls around. I didn't really post about it (because it was too good to be true), but this month began my new extended hours in the newsroom. Update: I even have more hours to write now, which again, seems too good to be true, and yet, here we are. I'm ridiculously happy.

Cranky Steve retired at the beginning of the month, and I was positive we'd never see him again, but Update Again: He stops by all the time. He's much happier, I think--he seems much more relaxed now. I'm glad.

And! We took our Very Washington Vacation (posts here, here, here and here). It was awesome. Even Port Angeles, which I hated every minute of, because now I have a new town to complain about. That's always fun.

Which brings us to August. More Washington State exploration (with my parents this time), a dash of saving the entire world, and a dollop of rage against the machine. I don't know. It was fine.

September! Back to school, lots of backseat driving with Abby, and not being able to hide the fact that my hair now is really, really gray. Update: It's even grayer now. We're SO CLOSE to no more dyed ends. That will be a good day. Update Too: Sometimes when I remember what 42 looks like, I rethink the wisdom of this plan. Let's all just be grateful that Eric seems to think I'm pretty anyway. Or is smart enough to fake it.

It's unfortunate I'm getting tired of writing this when we still have three months to cover. I did not think this through.

October is the tenth month, but "oct" means eight. We can all contemplate that one for a minute. In the Walker household, we did the usual fall stuff, I guess, but yadda yadda yadda, here's some pictures of Skilly enjoying the beautiful Pacific Northwest weather.

November! So close to being done! Eric and I are a power couple, in case you missed that newsflash. I should probably not be allowed unsupervised in the grocery store. Mom, Abby and I do good deeds.  The end.

Aaaaand December. Whew, are you still even with me at this point? I'm beginning to feel narcissistic with all this linking et al. Ah, well. I bogged down the internet with my Bonus Tuesdays. We had a minimalist Christmas, which was awesome, and a whole bunch of holiday related anxiety, which was not awesome, but those are posts for another time. Looking back on this month, since it's still so fresh in my mind, I just feel relief that it's over. My precious baby might have been born in December, but this is not necessarily a month I relish.

You know... it's interesting looking through old posts, for me, at least. Years are short, but days are long. I have no idea who said that first, but they were right.

More Updates: Lots of books books books, I am still in love with Project 333 and minimalism and... I don't know. We're together. That's the war right there.

See you in 2015.

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