Saturday, September 7, 2013

Saturday "Art," Bryce Canyon edition

Playing with the panorama setting on my iPod was fun.
Very unique landscape.
Bryce Canyon is just cool. I don't know, those spires and whatnots are wicked awesome. We had planned to ride the bus around the park, but ended up just driving because it wasn't all that crowded. And we never did have to circle around to find a parking spot, maybe because lots of other people did take the bus.

I love the lodges at our National Parks. They all kind of look the same. Bryce's had the nicest gift shop we visited, in case you're into that kind of thing. And free wi-fi. That was greatly appreciated and probably accounts for all the people sitting around on benches with laptops et al. This was actually the only park we visited that DID have free wi-fi (or wi-fi at all). Oh, and there was a Post Office (as in, you walk up to a window), so that was cool for postmarking purposes.

So yay you, Bryce Canyon.

P.S. I'm finally rested and feeling back to normal after our vacation... two weeks later, whatever, these things take time. If you missed the Reader's Digest Condensed edition of our Very Canyon Vacation, click here. If you want to see the Grand Canyon Art Edition, click here.

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