Saturday, June 30, 2012

June Pointless Lists

End of June.  The 40th birthday breakdown countdown begins in earnest.  Eric says that I've spent so much time worrying about turning 40 that I've wasted being 39.  He may have a point.

We had some visitors recently that were sort of cute in a creepy, run-into-the-house-screaming kind of way:

Eric and Abby were outside, as were the cats, so I crept around to where they were and whispered, I don't want to alarm you, but there's SKUNKS out by the playhouse.  And Eric was all, did you take pictures?  And I was all, hello, I mentioned the skunk part, right?  But I went in and got him the camera because I'm obedient like that, I guess, plus I figured if he were dumb enough to take pictures I should just let him.  So he's out there about two feet from these guys snapping away.  He told me that it was okay because babies don't have... what?  Skunky smelly sacks?  And I was all, you know there's a mom out there too, right?

Happy ending: The skunks (who I dubbed Skunk Family Robinson--four babies and a mama) left and Eric didn't get sprayed.  And now I have a picture of skunks on the playhouse steps to show all my Facebook friends.

Pointless List time!

Books read:
So I'm still plugging along on Clash of Kings.  It's excellent.  I just haven't had much time to read this month (well, I worked full time there for a while, and then it's summer and... I'm doing other stuff, I guess).  Plus this sucker is even longer than the last book.  Excuses, I know.

I love the whole Game of Thrones world.  I love that George R. R. Martin (jeez, can we get another initial in there?) takes his time to tell the story.  I love Arya and Jon the most.  And I like Tyrion, too.  He's entertaining.

Movies watched:
Abby and Eric had The Karate Kid on the other night.  I listened to it from the safety of the other room.  Then I came in at the end so I could see Daniel going all Crane Move on whats-his-face.  That was satisfying.  Oh, and Eric and I watched Beyond the Pale by Jim Gaffigan.  That is one funny dude who really likes food.  Here, watch this.  P.S. Netflix won't let me link.  Whatever.

Canning and freezing exploits:
Well, no canning yet, I guess, but I did make a batch of pesto and three batches of a spinach / cilantro / onion  mix that we like in enchiladas and a Mexican-style lasagna.  Oh, and I froze some rhubarb chunks.  I expect July will be a little more interesting.

Garden update:
P.S. I took these pictures with my poser iPad, and I realize they're not that great.  You can only do so much, Internet.

Basil!  I just plucked many leaves off all three bushes,
and it's already growing back.  Basil is awesome.

Lettuce / weeds.  And hey, our spinach ended up living
after all.  Weird.

Sweet little pansy ground cover.  Hey, it's my blog and
I can post whatever I want.

Tomatoes have been a little disappointing.  They should be
bigger than this, but alas, they are not.

Cilantro, carrots, dill and beans, respectively.
Zucchini at the back.

We have no idea what this is--it's a
volunteer that Eric transplanted--but
it's doing great. 

Raspberries are full to bursting.

Blackberries have potential.

Neighbor's cherry orchard.

Someone was complaining the other day about all the
feet pictures on the Internet.  How can I resist a set-up
like that?  I'm just not that strong.

Things I learned:
Summer vacation is LONG.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hardly anything there for you to see

Yesterday I woke up at 5 a.m. and this morning at 6.  What. The. Heck.  I'm rested, though, so maybe it just means I'm actually sleeping?  Weird.

Since I'm up, I may as well write.  Or just stare at these few sentences and drink my coffee and listen to my new Linkin Park album, which is more truthful at the moment.

Okay, first things first: I have never been a fan of my crock pot, but this month I discovered that tossing in a pork roast and letting it cook all day is a thing of beauty.  I've done it twice now.  Yesterday I came home, shredded the meat, added homemade barbecue sauce, and served it on warmed ciabatta rolls.  Um, that was nice.  My crock pot has sat unused for the last five years at least.  I'm thinking maybe I'm in love with it now.

Second thing: Who needs lettuce?  My patch is overrun.  Come over and help yourself.  It's organic and even has a few slug-munched holes to prove it.  On every leaf.  Thanks, slugs.

Thirdly: Today we're FINALLY supposed to get into the 80s.  The rest of the country is on fire and we're fighting for 80?  What is wrong with this picture?  Never fear, tomorrow is supposed to be back to cool and cloudy.  You'll find me in the corner, weeping.

Fourth:  Fourthly?  Spell check likes "fourthly," which is surprising.  I suspect it isn't working this morning.  Spell check is like Mikey, it hates everything.  HA!  That's a little retro commercial humor.  You're welcome.

Fifth: Side tracked.  Sorry.

Next: Week two of summer vacation.  I have yet to research Australian boarding schools, so that's positive.  I won't lie, I've been whack about signing the girls up for activities.  I'd like Johanna to take an art class and swimming lessons, and I suppose there has to be something similar out there for Abby too.  The problem is I just like hanging out at my house and figure that the girls should, too, and therefore find it hard to stir myself into action.  Except.  Too much time at home makes them go at each other like wolves.  That isn't as cute as you'd think it'd be.

Lastly: Johanna and I got ourselves some new free poser iPad apps on Sunday.  My favorite: Martha Stewart Craft Studio, normally $4.99 but free until July 8.  It's like scrapbooking without having to clean up.  Hey Mom, we could totally make Gram and Gramp's 70th Anniversary invitations using this thing...

Johanna's favorite is called Math Puppy.  Solve math problems to get a BINGO.  Hey, whatever works.  She's got subtraction down, but she needs some extra addition practice, so this is great.

I lied about the lastly thing.  Another of Abby's drawings:

She's into anime, clearly.  She's also taken to composing poems about menstruation.  My favorite:

My period gives me an edge.
I'm gong to push you off that ledge.

Linkin Park, Castle of Glass.  From the new Living Things album.  I think this one is my favorite.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Building towered foresight

So Eric just dyed my hair, and I have to say that having a husband who isn't afraid to crack open a bottle of Light Ash Brown and get to it is pretty awesome.  Usually he and Abby tackle my hair together, but Abs is drawing and couldn't be bothered.  Which is cool.  Totally understand.

Why Abby didn't help.

We went to see Maggie Mae yesterday, and wow, that is one adorable baby.  Clara said she's almost up to four pounds.  I was expecting small, but Maggie just sort of looked petite.  Like a doll, really.  She was feeding, so those little blue eyes were having a hard time staying open, but I could tell this kid is advanced, and also I'm pretty sure she was smiling at us.

P.S. Maggie's closet is pretty adorable, too.  Is there anything cuter than a onesie?  No.  No, there is not.  

(Thanks for letting us visit, Clara, and being so cool about our tardiness.)

Abby and I went in first--you can only have two visitors at a time--and then I came out and Eric went in, and then Abby came out and I went back in again.  You had to be at least 12 to gain entry, so poor Johanna spent her time in the waiting room playing Temple Run on my poser iPad.  She really wanted to see Maggie, too, but she took the shut out in stride.  Johanna is pretty great like that.

Also: Have I ever mentioned Johanna has learned to forge Eric's signature?  It's actually sort of impressive.

You'd think I'd have some work stories, but alas, I don't.  I'm back to part time again, which is really the way to go.  Sleeping in is pretty great, as is having a few hours to get chores done around the house before conquering the world.  Maybe someday I will want to work full time... but that day is not today.

Oh, well, I guess I could tell you that I got into a fight with Cranky Steve on his birthday, so I'm probably going to Hell.  He was making disparaging remarks about the Planning Department, and I cannot abide by that.  That's where Eric works, you see.  To make myself look better, I will casually mention I wasn't actually fighting with Cranky Steve.  More like just presenting another side of the argument with my voice raised an octave higher than normal.  

I probably should have just let him rant, though, because what I didn't know at that particular time is that his clean bill of health after his Frankenstein-esque melanoma scrape was reascended by his doctor and now he has to wait ten days for test results to come back.  No wonder he was cranky.


R.E.M., Fall on Me.  Because that's what shuffled up JUST as I finished writing.  That's a sign, yo.  Because as we all know, feathers hit the ground before the weight can leave the air.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

So I'll find what lies beneath

My right arm is about ready to fall off, and I'll even tell you why:

Today Abby and I went to help set up at the church's annual rummage sale.  This is a huge deal for the parish put on by the Altar Society.  It's their major fundraiser.  It's also our major outlet for anything we want to get rid of because having a garage sale is highly overrated.  I haven't really helped set up in the past, though, because... I don't know.  Being overwhelmed mothering young children?  Getting a new job and needing to figure out how to work everything in?  Sheer laziness?  But now that I'm almost 40 and ever so wise and mature, I figured my time had come.  And Abby's too just by default.  Well, except she HAS helped in the past.  That's how far my lameness reaches.

My public (hi, Mom!), my sister-in-law and my favorite mother-in-law were also helping today, so it was a family affair.  We found my mother in the kids room and figured we may as well help her out, since she was by herself.  Plus, who am I kidding?  Of course I'm going to gravitate towards my mother.  I don't care if I am almost 40.  I just want my mom.

The kids room was also the room people blindly chucked stuff into, apparently, because the place was thrashed.  We went through some bags (why do you donate underwear, people?  I don't care how new it looks, I don't want to touch it) and separated the kids from the adults and the miscellaneous.  That's where Abby came in.  She did a lot of running.

Also: People apparently mistake "rummage" for "dirty shit nobody wants."  Just throw that stuff out, okay?  Jeez.

Anyway, so Mom and Abby and I got the joint looking pretty nice in a couple of hours.  We had a rack for girls and a rack for boys, tables of toys and books and puzzles, a bunch of hats, a table dedicated to pants and shorts (we didn't segregate because we felt everyone should just get along), and a table of baby stuff.  Donations were down, but the majority of it looked decent, so that's a plus.

Anyway, one of the perks of helping out is that you see what's there before anyone else does.  This is actually encouraged.  I had hoped to find Johanna some pants and shirts, but there was literally nothing in her size.


One of the volunteers came in with this box of canning jars, the cool kind with the flip top and the seal, and I was all, I want those.  There was another volunteer, an older lady, who was all, can I have some? And I was all, oh, sure, go for it because how do you say no to an old lady?  Plus she could have totally taken me.  She took three.  I was like, you can have more than that, but she was all, three is good.  And I was like, SOLD.  I was told they were a buck each.  So that's how I spent $17 on really awesome canning jars.

Wait, check this out:

So yeah, they've got some stickers on them.  Well, that's why
God gave us Mr. Clean Magic Erasers.  Probably.

THEN.  I found these two Pyrex casserole dish things that are uglier than sin, but have glass (glass-ish?  What the heck IS Pyrex anyway?) lids.  And that is how I spent another $5.

Artfully stacked.

Why divide a casserole?

Oh, and I found what amounted to a quart of only red Lego pieces for Johanna.  Mom thought maybe a quarter since that's what the toys usually go for, but I'm going for a nice even $1.

So anyway, after dinner I set about trying to clean up my new finds.  The larger casserole dish had black flecks all over it, like dried gross food residue or something, but with a LOT of elbow grease and my Mr. Clean Magic Eraser, that sucker was good as new.  They're out of the dishwasher now looking totally awesome, as you can clearly see in the photos above.

Then I set about getting the stickers off my new canning jars.  And discovered I had just bought 17 Le Parfait jars.  Holy crap.  And here I just thought they were cute.

The stickers have proved more of a challenge.  I got out a steel wool pad and my magic eraser and even my Pampered Chef pan scraper, but I couldn't get all of the sticker off.  So then I went online and learned that these things are dishwasher safe, hallelujah.  Except a run through the dishwasher didn't get all the sticky off either.  That took more scrubbing with the steel wool.  So for I've got exactly one looking like new.  This might take awhile.  My right arm muscle is going to be HUGE.

And what will I do with 17 awesome jars, you ask?  Use them to store stuff in, use them as leftover containers, give them away as Harvest Fest presents, give them away for Christmas.  Except now that I know they're Le Parfait I might give away the crappy Chinese jars I got from IKEA this winter instead.

Is that bad?

P.S. Johanna spent the morning with my Dad, just in case anyone is worried.  She got to watch cable television.  She was thrilled.

Breaking Benjamin, What Lies Beneath.  As in, what lies behind that sticker?  What?  A Le Parfait jar?  I'm sure that's just what Ben was thinking when he penned this song.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Friday, June 15, 2012

Anyone perfect must by lying

  1. I am tired.
  2. Working full time is overrated.
  3. Today I went to a local brewery to get a six-pack of their special beer for Eric for Father's Day.
  4. They were sold out.
  5. Oops.
  6. I left my coffee on the kitchen table.
  7. That was not very convenient when I wanted to drink it at work.
  8. Deb went to get us coffee at Starbucks.
  9. It was delicious.
  10. Even though I like to support our local roasters, Starbucks makes a great decaf Americano.
  11. Last day of school.
  12. Brought home a take and bake pizza and some cookie dough.
  13. I had a coupon, that's why.
  14. No one was very impressed with the cookies.
  15. I couldn't eat them because they contained vanillin, but you know what?
  16. It sounds like I wasn't missing much.
  17. Johanna actually matched today.
  18. I know, weird.
  19. Abby invited her friend Lily over after school.
  20. The house was thrashed.
  21. See #2.
  22. They just hung out in Abby's room anyway, so no harm no foul, I guess.
  23. I got a raise at work yesterday.
  24. And Chris the Office Manager said I am a light in the office.
  25. Ah, shucks.
  26. Today was beautiful.
  27. Eric and I took a walk tonight and we weren't even cold.
  28. The girls ran through the sprinklers.
  29. I don't know if it was quite THAT hot, but whatevs.
  30. Johanna will have the same second grade teacher that Abby had next year.
  31. That's cool.
  32. Johanna is on the Abby Teacher plan. 
  33. We're now 3 for 3.
  34. Abby didn't get her report card.
  35. That's weird, right?
  36. She's worried even though she's a smarty pants.
  37. We're surrounded by babies over here.
  38. Our niece Keshia and her husband had little baby Kayden on Sunday.
  39. Then my cousin Jared and his wife had little baby August on Tuesday.
  40. Both were 8 pounds 11 ounces.
  41. Coincidence?
  42. And Maggie is up to almost 3 pounds now!
  43. My Aunt Jan, who has Multiple Myeloma, now has colon cancer too.
  44. Great.
  45. They say God doesn't give you more than you can handle, but I'm calling BS on that one.
  46. Not that I think He's trying to be mean or anything.
  47. Just that maybe He has a whole world to take care of and doesn't always pay attention.
  48. I think I forgot to mention that Eric and Abby finished reading the Bible a couple of Fridays ago.
  49. It took them 5 years to read it all.
  50. They started when Abby was 7, just in case you're not in the mood to do that math yourself.
  51. We went out to dinner to celebrate.
  52. Since that was the weekend Ann and John were in town, they came too.
  53. And ended up treating us to dinner.
  54. Not quite how we planned that to go, but Ann is tricky.
  55. I got a pair of prescription sunglasses yesterday.
  56. They've changed my life.
  57. I was going to do 50 things but now I'm at 57.
  58. And I don't want to end on a random number.
  59. I guess 60 would be fine.
  60. So there.
Barenaked Ladies, Falling for the First Time.  Because that's what was playing as I typed this.  It makes some since, I suppose.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The colors conflicted

I've been working full time lately, and I have to tell you, having a morning "off" to be at home is pretty damn amazing.  Oh, sure, I've got laundry and dishes and a whole bunch of crumbs to vacuum up from Johanna's hummus-and-cracker dinner the other night, but it's quiet, and I have a pot of coffee at my disposal, and I have a whole three hours I to myself.  It's like a Wednesday miracle.

This past Saturday, my Aunt Ann and Uncle John came to watch Johanna play a coach pitch game.  It was FREEZING.  How freezing?  Glad you asked:

Yesterday Johanna had a game and we were all in t-shirts.  June is awesome.  Hey, P.S. Jo plucked two balls out of the air for outs, although this being coach pitch, the kids still stayed on base.  She also got three solid hits.  I don't want to brag, but I'm totally bragging.

Anyway, though, Saturday's game was not pleasant.  I actually wimped out and watched most of it from the concession stand.  Afterwards we were all happy to head to my parents' house for coffee and sandwiches and general warmth.  We might have been a little too warm though because after we ate we were all just ready for a nap.  We discussed maybe going for a walk... or watching a movie... and then all of a sudden an hour or two had passed and we were still on the couch contemplating our options, so Ann was all, let's go shopping, and Abby and I were like, sold!

Ann and I ended up getting matching pants of questionable orientation.  They were in the dress pants section, but honestly, I couldn't tell if they were slacks or jeans.  But look, they had two pairs in a tall and in our size, and how do you pass that up?  Even if I can't wear jeans to the office? 

So anyway, fast forward to yesterday, and I wore my slacks/jeans.  I felt like a rebel.  I was pretty sure I was going to get a talking to by the Powers That Be.  When no one was around to overhear, I asked Deb in Reception (not to be confused with Deb in Sales) what she thought, and she was all, I didn't even notice, but those are totally slacks.  So I felt better after that, and no, I did not get in trouble.  Those pants are my new favorites.  Now I just need the story of how Ann's pants went over with her boss.  That's a joke because she IS the boss.

Quick Johanna story: Yesterday morning she dreamed Grandpa was a Redcoat, you know, like the British.  And there were soldiers in our house, and she tried to say something, but then she woke up.  I suppose the Revolutionary War is a nice change of pace from the Civil War, especially since no one is getting gunned down by a cannonball.  What's it going to take for that kid to have a dream about ponies? 

Quick Abby story: I left my Kindle at work yesterday on accident and about had a heart attack, so Abby and I went to get it after dinner.  She was on a comedic roll.  If she ever decides to do stand up she's already got a whole routine centered around menstruation.  (That seems to be a reoccurring theme.)

Linkin Park, BURN IT DOWN.  Oh, Linkin Park.  I love you.

Sunday, June 10, 2012

Nothing left to say to you

I've been staring at the computer screen for like ten minutes now, writing and erasing and writing some more.  You know what?  That is boring.  What I really want to do is read "Clash of Kings," but my public (hi, Mom!) has been very patient with my lack of posts* so I probably should at least try to pound something out.

It's been an interesting past few days.  On Thursday I had a new experience: I witnessed the death-bed signing of a will.  Of someone I don't even know.  Well, this is probably not as interesting a story as it sounds, and I'm not going to go into it because it's not even my story, but anyway, I had to confirm or whatevs that this guy was of sound mind and acting on his own accord and wasn't being coerced, so I was all like, should I start asking you questions? ha ha, I'm a riot, but because he couldn't really talk, what with the oxygen mask and everything, he put his thumb to his nose and wiggled his fingers at me like, take THAT, and I was all, yeah, you seem of sound mind to me.  

So that was different.

On Friday I measured the paper all by my damn self and I actually emerged victorious, which honestly I was not expecting.  Cranky Steve wasn't as cranky as usual and got me the various sections as soon as they were off the press.  That was quite helpful.  I was ever so proud of myself when I took the bookkeeper her paperwork, and Steve his paperwork, and I even had an hour to spare.  Especially considering I didn't really sleep the night before and was working on fumes.  I did math, people, and I did it correctly.  That's a miracle if ever there was one.

Also Friday: Our nephew Cody graduated from high school, and no we didn't go to the ceremony because it was outside and it was freezing we figured there were other people who needed the seats more than we did.  Hey, this is why God gave us Facebook.  We've seen the pictures, it's like we were there only warm.

And Eric and Abby finished reading the Bible.  Cover to cover, yo.  They started when she was seven and Eric thought it would be a good Lenten / First Communion exercise.  They just kept going.  Five years later, they're done.  Eric says he learned is that the New Testament is where it's at.  The Old is... well, I'm not sure how to put this without coming across as sacrilegious. But it's either history or stone cold crazy.  Often he had to censor what he was reading.  Weird.

So I have more to write--it was a busy weekend--but I'm tired and this teeny bit here just about did me in.  It's funny how sometimes the words just fight you the whole time.  You'd think Skilly laying on the keyboard would be a bigger help...

*The only reason my mother has been patient is because her floors have been ripped apart and put back together again and she hasn't had computer access all week.  Still and all, she deserves some props.

Track a Tiger, Heart.  Because Johanna picked it for me, that's why.  And it's a sweet little song.  Unfortunately I can't find the entire song for you on the internets, just this little sample.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

I didn't mean to call you that

Wow people, I am tired* and vaguely close to tears.  I'm not kidding.  It's probably because today was my last volunteer day in Johanna's classroom.  School isn't out until next Friday, but I'm working full time all week.**  No field day help from me then, which is pretty awesome now that I think about it because field day is tiresome, especially if the weather is bad.

I hate change.  End of school means I can sleep in, sure, but it also means my babies will be in second and eighth grades.  What. Ever.  Our nephew is graduating from high school in a couple of days and I remember when he was born--on the day I flunked my first math test at college.  If he can grow up so fast, than what hope do my girls have?

*So for whatever reason I slept for sucks Monday night.  I might have gotten five hours, but that seems sort of optimistic.  In times like these, obviously I turn to Facebook.  Misery loves company, yo.

Sleeping is boring. It's way more fun to just toss and turn all night.

That's ANOTHER Stacey, not the Stacey I Work With.  Anyway, last night was better, but Eric and I could have both used another couple of hours to make up for the previous crap fest.

**I'm working full time next week... well, actually starting tomorrow... because Stacey I Work With's son is graduating on Friday, too, and she's taking time off for that, plus all next week for various family things.  Anyway, because her baby is graduating, I thought she needed a Graduation Survival Kit:

The girls helped--Abby wrapped the box because I lack the patience and the skillz, and then she took care of the top artwork.  Johanna drew on the sides of the box (not shown, oh well) and then cut out a heart and wrote a special message: "We hope that you are happy rain or shine!"  She was also in charge of arranging the items.  Then, I won't lie, the girls started fighting because Abby didn't want Johanna's heart of the top of her box, so I sent them both to their rooms.  The quiet?  Was lovely.  I totally need to do that more often.

Anyway, here's what I put in, since I am sort of proud I could create something so darn darling  (between the dream and the reality falls the shadow, my friend.  Crafts tend to astonish me, and not in a good way):

  • Coffee (that's a duh, right?)
  • Chocolate covered almonds (her favorite)
  • Jelly Belly's (because Johanna thought she needed them.  YOU try arguing with that logic)
  • A jar of vanilla-pear butter from a local farm stand
  • A bar of soap (as a joke... her bathroom is being remodeled and the shower won't be ready in time to accommodate all their overnight guests.  She was lamenting having one working shower in the house)
  • Tissues (another duh)

I'm looking forward to giving Stacey her box this afternoon and trying not to think about the fact that I will be in charge of measuring the paper THREE TIMES while she's gone.  Denial is my superpower.

P.S. I had my cavities filled on Monday and my gums STILL hurt from the Novocaine.  While they were shooting me up they were all, relax!  And I was all, you take that huge freaking needle out of my mouth and then we'll talk about relaxing.  The upside is that they must not have given me much because my lips were "thawed out" by lunchtime and I treated myself to the best roast beef sandwich I've ever had in my life even if they messed up and put horseradish on it.  That didn't really set too well with me later, but you know what?  I survived.  Oh, and then I called Ann to see what she was up to and we had a nice visit.  Chemo is over!  I love good news.

Lit, My Own Worst Enemy.  I've been humming this all morning.  It just makes me laugh.

Sunday, June 3, 2012

The Cracker Project: Scandinavian Oatmeal Crackers

So I've been a little weak on the Cracker Project front.  I've come to the conclusion that I should have started the Cake Project instead, because who doesn't love cake?  Plus it's just less fussy.

Still and all, I am no quitter (why is my husband laughing?), even though I forgot to make crackers last month and then in April my cracker was actually a tortilla.  So THIS month I figured I had better get on the stick early and pound this thing out.

Thus, Scandinavian Oatmeal Crackers from Better Homes and Gardens New Baking Book.  And hey, it's online, so here's the link.

Side note: I got this cookbook in 1999 when I was pregnant with Abby.  I write in my cookbooks, so I can tell you what cakes I made for Johanna and Abby's birthdays, or when Terrine and I made gingerbread cookies when she was three and I was babysitting her every day.

Abby is bored today, apparently, so she helped.  She rolled out the dough and cut out the circle shapes.  Until she decided she had better things to do.  Well, she's 12.  Johanna decided she wanted to help too (FYI, if that kid says my name ONE MORE TIME I will lose it) so she's on Flour Patrol.  I think we all know how that turned out.

Abby, pre-Flour Patrol

The verdict: Um, wow.  These are really quite good.  They taste like an oaty wheat thin (spell check hates the word "oaty," by the way).  And since this recipe makes a ton, they'd be fun to put out at a shower or party.

The dough was pretty dreamy to work with--I thought maybe it was too dry, but apparently not because it rolled out nice and thin without any help from parchment paper.  (The earth thanks you, BHG.)  I sprinkled the tops with finishing salt because I haven't had anything to sprinkle it on since I made Wheat Thins in February.

First batch.  Aren't they cute?

"I have a quote for your blog," Eric just said.  "Those crackers are just too good and they'll never last."

"They WILL last!" says Johanna.  "One per piece."  (What?)

"They're really, really good," says Abby.

So yeah.  Definite keeper.

Friday, June 1, 2012

To all the dreams we've made

Johanna came into our bedroom last night around 3:30 a.m.  She never comes in unless she's had a bad dream, so it didn't take a genius to figure out what she wanted.  I crawled in to bed with her--well, I was tired--and she starts telling me about her nightmare:

A girl and a boy fell in love and kissed.  And then a cannon fired and killed them.  Because it was the Civil War and there were soldiers everywhere.

[Crickets chirping.]

Dude, you're SEVEN.  Shouldn't you be dreaming about ponies and butterflies and kittens?  She was like, I think I'm dreaming of soldiers because I don't want to die.  And I'm like, wow, that's a pretty coherent thought for 3:30 in the morning, never mind that you're in first grade.

Hey, side note, Johanna sleeps with a hat on so the zombies won't get her brain.  We don't really talk about zombies--or the Civil War--in our household, so I'm not quite sure where she's getting this stuff, but anyway:

OMD, Dreaming.  I totally remember this video playing on MTV in the '80s.  Once upon a time, children, there were actual channels devoted to music videos!  No one had heard of reality TV yet, so everyone had a lot of time on their hands.