Saturday, September 14, 2013

Saturday "Art," Zion edition

My mother especially appreciated it when I sent her this photo...

Zion National Park is beautiful. I think it was the fan favorite because of the perspective--at Bryce and the Grand Canyon, you're looking down, but at Zion, you look up, and it's just amazing. I wasn't sure how the shuttle service was going to work--you can't drive your own car here--but it was actually kind of nice. The shuttles come regularly (and are comfortable), and you get a canned tour as you drive, so you know what you're looking at / historical bits of interest / et al. It was fun.

Here's the link to the Reader's Digest Condensed Version of our Very Canyon Vacation, as well as links to Saturday "Art" Grand Canyon and Bryce Canyon editions, should you feel the need to read more about the trip. I think I'm finally through with all things canyon now. Um, maybe. ;)

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