Friday, November 20, 2015

Project 333: November update

I can't seem to figure out how to keep a P333 wardrobe for an entire three months in the fall -- I'm always editing items out because, as the weather changes, I just can't see the point in keeping some of these things in my closet. My favorite navy blue flowered t-shirt? I love you, darling, but you're outta here. You're not going to get much use when the weather has turned to this:

Exhibit A

And Exhibit B, in case it didn't translate in the first picture: We're getting
our first snowfall of the season!

It makes me kind of sad. Summer really is over.

But it also makes me kind of happy. We desperately need the rain and snow, especially on Mount Hood. So you know what, clouds? You do what you need to do.

Unfortunately, for all my editing, I've been adding, too. This is partly because I have discovered the joy that is leggings (I never really saw the point before) and partly because a co-worker has started selling a certain home-party type of clothing line and I've gone to way too many events. But mostly it's because I lack willpower when it comes to cuteness.

I mean, come on! How am I supposed to resist something like this?

Which explains why I'm down to just three pairs of pants, I guess.

Well, whatever. Here's my updated list in case anyone cares:

Grey (4)
Santa Clara long sleeved t-shirt
Hooded long sleeved t-shirt

Black (18)
Turtleneck sweater
Long sleeved t-shirt
Sweatshirt dress (I LOVE THIS THING)
Little Black Dress
Black/beige skirt
Black/white polka dots button down
Black/red/blue leggings
Black/blue/teal leggings
Solid leggings
Black/flower scarf
Solid scarf
Ankle boots

Beige (4)
Long sleeved t-shirt
Beige/orange scarf

Burgundy (1)
Pullover sweater

Purple (1)

Teal (2)
Zip up cardigan

Green (1)

Leggings (shown above)

Blue (7)
Blue/yellow maxi skirt
Denim jacket
Navy cardigan
Navy long sleeved t-shirt
Denim jeans
Blue/navy/black scarf
Navy leggings

So... that makes 38, which is five more than technically allowed, but I don't feel too bad because I've never counted leggings before (well, my tights -- those are underwear in my world) AND my coat.

Justification! That's where it's at, you guys.

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