Sunday, March 13, 2016

Project 333: Winter 2016 edition

Since my last post was such a downer, I'm making it up to you by writing about something way less stressful -- my winter Project 333 capsule wardrobe. (If you're not familiar with Courtney Carver and Project 333, start here.) And so what if the spring edition starts in three weeks? (Meaning: Wow, I really put this post off, didn't I?) Better late than never. I guess.

As I pondered writing about P333 this morning, I briefly considered just tossing everything out of the closet and starting fresh -- and early -- with that spring rotation. But this is what it looks like outside my little Oregon window this morning:

Rain and 38ยบ. I can't feel too bad about it because we were
in drought all last summer, but it does drag on my soul.

Hardly inspirational for putting together a wardrobe containing short sleeves. Which is to say: I'm embracing my winter wardrobe for a little while longer.

I've gotten rather good at getting rid of anything I resist wearing in my capsule -- that's just Hint No. 1 that something isn't right -- but for some reason, I've been holding onto this cardigan that Abby decided to let go of earlier this year:

If anyone I know in real life wants this, let me know...

It's actually really comfortable, AND it's got pockets! I wore it to work once just to see if I'd like it. I liked it. So I put it back into my wardrobe, where it has hung untouched since then.

Out, vile jelly! Where is thy lustre now?

(King Lear. Anyone? No?)

Well, aside from that little failure, which has now been rectified, here's what I've been wearing this season:

Grey (5)
Santa Clara U long-sleeve t-shirt
Stripped sweater with holes
Baseball-style t-shirt

Black (12)
Short-sleeve t-shirt
Sweatshirt dress
Long-sleeve t-shirt
Turtleneck sweater (a favorite)
Jeans (really good purchase, as it turned out)
Patterned leggings
Boots *
Ankel boots *

Look! It's my favorite beige jacket last summer
in Cannery Row! That shirt is not in my winter
lineup, but it will be coming out this spring.

Beige (5 minus 1)
Jacket **
Abby's sweater (bye!)
Black and beige patterned skirt
Orange floral patterned bohemian-style blouse

Purple (2)
Purple and orange patterned tank top

Green (1)
Patterned leggings (they kind of make me feel like the Jolly Green Giant)

Ah, well. At least that giant is jolly.

Teal (1)
Bohemian-style blouse

Light blue (1)
Turtleneck sweater (same style as my black one)

Dark blue (6)
Patterned skirt
Long-sleeve t-shirt
3/4-sleeved with embroidered flowers
Denim jacket
Denim jeans

Well, anyway, that's been the state of the union this winter. It's a solid little wardrobe, and I have been pretty pleased with it. Not that I'm not dreaming of wearing that above-pictured short-sleeve orange shirt. ;) But this wardrobe has gotten me through all sorts of situations, from work to a funeral reception to weekends. What more could I ask for?

If you're thinking of trying your own project but don't know where to start, here are my suggestions (hard won after three or four years of this now):

  • Don't be afraid! That's the main thing. Look, this is a three month project. It's not forever. (Unless you want it to be. Like me.)
  • Start with your favorite clothing. Pick 33 items (or 44, or whatever seems like a challenge) and then put the rest away, out of sight.
  • Notice what's happening with your wardrobe. Are you resisting wearing anything? Do you wish you'd have added something else? Swap things out. Which brings us to: 
  • If you have to make edits every month -- or every week -- go for it. Look at it as a fact-finding mission or a science experiment. There's no right or wrong here.

P.S. You don't have to count exercise clothing or "lounge wear" that doesn't get worn outside the house. You actually don't have to count anything you don't want to count. I didn't count shoes or scarves for a very long time.

See you in a few weeks with my spring P333... assuming I can get my act together. :)

*Both of these will need to be replaced by next season because of general wear and tear, which bums me out because I really like them.

**My jacket, which is going on Year 6, has some unexplained blueish stains on one of the elbows. The blue is rather faint, so I've decided not to worry about it. But this also bums me out. This jacket is my friend.

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