Tuesday, June 21, 2016

No biggie, just a slight breakdown

School is out for summer and I'm having a bit of a breakdown because now I have a senior and a middle schooler and I'm just not emotionally prepared for either of those scenarios even though I knew this day would come eventually -- I have a very specific memory of when we found out we were pregnant with Johanna and we were laughing about "sixth grade and kindergarten. No wait, sixth grande and SENIOR!" -- and it just seemed so far out into the future, but here we are and you know what?

I so love my older kids, and I'm so happy with where our family is, but I would give (almost, let's not get too crazy) anything to go back and visit my goofy girls when they were, say, 8 and 2.

But I can't. And I really need to get my shit together and just accept that life is changing and it's okay, they're excited about this next chapter and I should be too.

I am not excited.

I will get excited.

Right after I cry a little more.

Metaphorically speaking. I'm not a cryer. I like to do my sobbing on the inside, it's just cleaner.

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