Wednesday, February 4, 2015

The geriatric winning streak continues!

This week, I'm writing a feature story about a (very nice) man who works at one of our town's assisted living facilities, so today I went to take some photographs to accompany the article. I'm not a very confident photographer, but I am enthusiastic.

Eh, it's digital. No one cares if I take 25 pictures just to get a good one.

Moving RIGHT along: I was met in the lobby by some very excited elderly women, who had been told I was coming and were there to give me some action shots. And meet a "real journalist." You guys, this was probably the nicest reception I've ever had in my life. We have some very loyal readers in that joint. The kicker was when they started thumbing through the current issue to find my by-lines. I felt kind of like a rock star. I tried very hard not to let all the attention and love go to my head. Although I'm very seriously thinking I need to visit every day now...

Not my new best friend, but I bet we'd get
along just fine.

I had one enthusiastic new friend who was very excited to tell me about her poetry and little details about her life. At one point, she couldn't think of a word she wanted to use, and I was all, no worries, that happens to me all the time, and she was like, you're too young for that!, and then I was all, uh, I'm 42, and she was like, NO! I thought you were 25!

I hugged her. I really did. I was like, you are my new best friend. Because you guys, there's just no way anyone in their right mind would ever think I was in my 20s.


Who cares! I have a new best friend!


Anonymous said...

HEY! Where does that leave me? I think you look 22!

Trisha Walker said...

Are you saying that because you want to be my best friend? Spoiler alert: you already are.