Tuesday, October 30, 2012

How do we sleep while our beds are burning?

I find myself at a loose end this morning.

It doesn't help anything that the day is dark and foggy.  Not that I necessarily mind--we were so bright and so hot for so long, the change is kind of nice--but not being able to see past the driveway makes me feel slightly claustrophobic.

Okay, I guess I can see a little farther than the driveway.  Whatevs.

Anyway, I had plans but they fell through, so instead of getting ready to meet a friend for lunch, I'm roasting five (small) pumpkins in the oven.  I just cleaned them off and tossed them in there, because really, what's the worst that can happen?  But now I'm wondering if maybe I should have taken off the stems because, um, smoky.  And really burny.

(Skilly just came inside and he's looking at me like maybe he's wondering if I'm noticing the smell.  Is that bad?)

So can I just say that I've got a little bit of a love/hate relationship going on right now with eBay?  I'm attempting to get my shopping done early so all I have to do in December is sit around eating cookies.  I know, right?  Genius.  I'm all for shopping locally, but I'm wanting to get Johanna some special Lego pieces to round out her collection, and you can't just go in and buy, say, a dozen flowers or 15 fence pieces or three horses at our local toy store, let alone Walmart.  So I've been bidding.  And losing.  And swearing.  And then finding a similar product with a "Buy Now" tag.  Except!  I finally DID win, even though I was on pins and needles the whole last minute (I got outbid with eight seconds left on some Lego trees yesterday.  SUCKED).

I forgot where I was going with this.  Oh, yes: Eric thinks that for the money I'm shelling out we could have just purchased an actual Lego set.  He's totally right.  Um, except I'm still going on with my plan, so...

Although I did promise not to bid on anything else.  Um, Lego-wise, I mean.  There's a karate outfit that would totally fit Johanna's American Girl doll that I'm still debating on.

As for Abby, we'll utilize someone locally to fix her iPod Touch screen, and then probably throw money at her for books and music.  Easy peasy.

P.S. The minimalism project has been on the back burner while I chase blatant consumerism online.  I really need to get back on that train.  I am so in love with my minimal kitchen and bathroom and bedroom I can't even tell you how much.  I've been telling myself I'm too busy... but I think it's just that I'm too lazy.  Ah, damn.  Assuming my house doesn't burn down from my smoky pumpkin stems, I'm off the computer now and into the hall closet...

P.P.S. The house did NOT burn down, and now that the smoke has cleared (cough), it smells rather delightful in here.  Crisis averted!

Midnight Oil, Beds Are Burning.  Fun fact: This is my public's favorite song from the '80s.

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