Wednesday, October 10, 2012

New settings = no one will still ever comment, but they COULD

My friend Mara sent me an email yesterday.  She does that sometimes, but anyway, it got me thinking:
Ok, I do not have permission to post comments to your blog, because your blog site is a bigot against non bloggers. So I resort to email.
Wait, what?  That can't be true, can it?  No one ever comments, but I figured that was because no one ever reads this my ten readers all have social anxiety and commenting is TOO MUCH.*

Or maybe there's not a big market for ramble.

All beside the point.

Could it be that no one comments because they can't?

So this morning I took a look into my settings, and lo and behold!  I've had them set at perhaps a little too high on the cautionary side of things.  I'm happy to report that anyone anywhere should now be able to post a comment.  Even anonymously.

The problem with making this announcement, of course, is that no one is still ever going to comment, and now I look pathetic and desperate.  That's true, but I'd rather not look it, you know?

*We do what we can do, people.  I've got social anxiety myself, which makes blogging all the more ironic.  Mostly I just try not to think about it.


Maralue said...

Oh, I think it is going to let me comment, maybe? Has the non-blogger bigotry been destroyed?

Maralue said...

Ok, the freaking spam-defying word decipher deal took me about six times to do, and was so frustrating that I resorted to pretending I was visually impaired so I could hear the spoken code and that was even MORE incomprehensible! So Trish, if you don't get any more comments than these two, you can blame it on the anti-spam device, not the fact that no one is adding your blog. Cuz I am. But may never comment again.

Maralue said...

Oh, and the autocorrect on my iPad made me say adding instead of reading.

Trisha said...

Hey, it worked! Personally I like "adding" instead of "reading." Totally see where auto-correct was going with that. Thanks for being my guinea pig as well as taking out blog bigotry basically single handedly. You're awesome.