Monday, October 22, 2012

Let's hit opening time

Why does Skilly smell like Axe cologne?  Is he trying to score with the ladies?  He's been out in the rain and he's sort of confused about why he's wet.  He let me towel him off and then went to lay down on my (new) white long sleeve t-shirt, so I've got an Axe-scented paw print with rather unfortunate placement to deal with now.

Moving RIGHT along...

Harvest Fest!  Was this weekend!  Last year it took me three posts to get it all in, but I'm not going to put you through that this year.  Because I am feeling kind and generous, that's why.  Small group--just Aunt Jan and Bethie and Clara and Maggie Mae,* and Mom and the girls and me.  Since Maggie is a mere five months old, and because the weather sucked, we took it slow.  One craft fair and one fruit stand and my house.  Perfect, actually.

I was slightly worried about the weekend, truth be told, because I am a minimalist and I wasn't sure if I was ready to test my newfound awesome in an environment of blatant consumerism.  But it wasn't so hard.  I am human and I like cute, but I've found that the more I clean out, the better I feel, and I like the  empty space too much to want to fill it up again.

I did buy a bracelet from Stacey's daughter.  I feel like I need to disclose that for some reason.  And we ran into all manner of friendly faces, so that was fun.  (Mara!  Saw your 'rents!)  I think I enjoyed lunch/hanging out at Mom's and snacks/hanging out at my house the best because: Maggie time!  And getting to chat.  But mostly Maggie time.

So that was Saturday.  On Sunday Mom and Abby and I went to the Very Expensive Craft Fair downtown because I had a press pass and was supposed to be taking pictures for the paper.  There wasn't much to take pictures of.  We felt disappointed and, frankly, violated. It was even easier not to buy anything here.  Partly because it was so expensive, and partly because there just wasn't anything I wanted.  It was just a lot of gourmet food and jewelry and pointless baubles.

My best photo.  Mom offered to get names for publication.

Ah, but then.  I needed a new white long sleeve t-shirt (yep, the one that Skilly just decorated for me), so we went to the one clothing store in town that's not Walmart and not geared toward tourists.  And I found the most awesome sweater ever: Brown and adorable and the perfect fit.  Abby was like, but you're a minimalist, remember?  And I was all, I am? But then I tried to think it through.

Did I need a brown sweater before I saw this one?  No.  Do I have other brown sweaters that are still in good shape?  Yes.

So damn.  That was that.  I endured the cajoling of the saleslady ("But everything is buy one, get one half off!") and just bought the t-shirt.  And some socks for my half-price item.

Boring.  But the right choice.

Um, so that was Harvest Fest.

*Hey, side note, Maggie is up to nine pounds, which is pretty damn impressive, especially since she wasn't even two pounds when she was born.  Also, I don't want to brag, but she loves me the best.  Probably.  FINE, she liked Abby better.  Happy now?  Sheesh.

P.S. Thoughts on THIS layout?  It's minimal, that's for sure.

The Cure, Fascination Street.  This song will forever remind me of my senior year of high school and drama class and that long, grey winter.  Good times!  (Sincerely.  Really good times.)

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