Monday, June 24, 2013

Lessons in rereading and a rummage sale update


The other day I was feeling self indulgent nostalgic, and I went through all of my minimalism posts just to see how far I've managed to come with this whole ordeal.

Apparently I am a big fan of the church's annual rummage sale because I mentioned it in practically every post. I also learned that I say "shit" a lot. (Sorry, Mom. I don't really swear in real life, but for some reason when I write, it kind of comes out.)

The good news is the St. Mary's Rummage Sale was last weekend, so probably I won't have to talk about it anymore.

After THIS post, I mean. You're welcome.

I took two big carloads to the church two weeks ago--as in, the trunk was completely full, as was the backseat--and this has done a lot for my mental stability. Visual clutter is depressing. So is realizing that you've spent so much time and energy and money on things you don't even need, but I try not to dwell on that. Forgive and forget, my internet friends. And anyway, our mindset is different now. We've learned a valuable lesson from our previous consumer driven ways. That's worth the price of admission, right?

Rereading those posts gave me a lift, though, because I realized that we have come a long way. Sometimes I forget about that. I've been a little frustrated with my efforts lately, maybe because I'm a big picture kind of girl and details stress me out, and just to see that I've actually accomplished something here was good for my self-esteem. Our lives are different than they were only eight months ago. That's kind of amazing.


I went to the sale to check things out on Thursday and to say hello to my mother, who was working. She must have told the ladies about my minimalistic tendencies because as soon as I walked in the door I was bombarded with questions. That's cool, I'll talk about it. So they're nodding at my answers and I'm thinking that maybe they don't think I'm too weird (because apparently people worry that you don't own furniture when you're a minimalist and are relieved to hear that you do), when one says, "Well, but what does your FAMILY think of all this?" in a tone that implied that she thought I was weird after all, or at the very least didn't believe that this was possible with a husband and kids. And I was like, um, Eric is on board, Abby is a minimalist until you get to her bookshelf and closet, and Johanna is a hoarder. Although that doesn't give Johanna enough credit because, well, yes, she IS a hoarder, but it's not like everywhere we go she requires new things. She's just attached to her old things. And likes to take stuff out of the recycling closet because she sees their potential. Or something.

Oh, and then I found the most gorgeous blue long-sleeve button down, a soft beautiful grey sweater, a white waffle-weave long-sleeve t-shirt, and a lovely grey skirt. All for $7.50. The t-shirt and sweater will replace items in my closet, but the blouse and skirt I purchased simply because they are amazing. The benefit of shopping at your church's rummage sale is that everyone knows who you are so you can go try things on in the bathroom and then model. I haven't been very keen on wearing used items in the past (well, I have issues), but I figure this is really the next logical step in my personal minimalist / zero waste journey, and you know what? Experiences like this one (seriously, $1.50 for that skirt... it's a thing of beauty) show me that I'm on the right track.

Update: Rereading this, I see I forgot to mention that I've been going through my closet again and am putting aside any item that doesn't make me feel a rock star. Because of this, my closet is slimmer by six. Sorry, felt like I need to explain myself because people get weird when you mention minimalism and shopping, no matter what kind of shopping it is. Johanna likes to screech, "YOU'RE A MINIMALIST!" if I so much as glance at anything remotely consumer-ish, which is probably not as fun as you'd think it would be. Anyway, I am currently on the lookout for used items to replace my worn black sweater and hole-y long-sleeved black t-shirt. This is also not as fun as you'd think it would be. Well, at least I'm in no hurry. P.S. I have come to the conclusion I will never be able to find a used pair of pants. Too tall. Good thing I'm in a skirt phase, I guess. Reminds me of the '90s when pants styles were so short I just wore shorts and tights all the time...

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