Wednesday, June 5, 2013

It all depends on how you look at it. And which filter you choose

You guys! Instagram is THE BEST. Don't ask me how it all works because I have no idea. Abby hooked me up. Go ask her. What I do know is that now I can take all kinds of artistic photos without even trying! That's called "filters." I guess.

I have a very patient husband, by the way. On one of our walks this week I brought my iPod along just to take photographs. I was being silly, but instead of telling me to grow the hell up, which would have been completely understandable, Eric gave me suggestions.

Probably I should quit my job right now and do this full time. I mean, right?

The awesome thing about all of this is I didn't even have to leave the neighborhood. Or take a class. Or worry about things like "talent." That is so 2012.

So... this is why I haven't had time to call, Mom. I know, it sounds stupid to me, too.

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