Monday, August 19, 2013

The irony of wearing Justin Bieber Perfume ironically

No source. I don't want to encourage anyone.
Abby, Johanna and I were at Rite Aide recently for incidentals, like hair color (me) and mascara (Abby) and hair bands (Jo). You know, girl stuff. Anyway, we were searching for the hair bands when Abby comes up behind me and is like, look Mom! Justin Bieber Perfume! and pretended like she was going to squirt me with that crap. And I was all, as if, put that down, and she was all, noooooo! because she's a teenager and spunky, and then she went to squirt some on her wrist for a joke, but the pump thing was broken and a big ol' stream came out instead all over the sleeve of her sweatshirt.

Ugh, it smelled terrible.

And she was all, this is making my stomach hurt! and I was all, it's giving me a headache, and Johanna was all, I want those hair bands right there.

So then we were laughing about the irony of Abby trying to wear Justin Bieber Perfume ironically, and Johanna was all like, there's always someone in my class who loves Justin Bieber and has his t-shirts and gives out his Valentines, in this voice that kind of reminded me of my grandma when she's confused about Kids These Days.

It was awesome.

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