Thursday, August 1, 2013

No big deal, I just met the Governor

You guys, I have not met very many famous people. I haven't even SEEN that many famous people. Once I saw Tanya Harding ice skating at the mall in Portland. In fifth grade they had schoolchildren sing at the re-dedication of Bonneville Dam ('83!) and I got Bob Packwood's and Mark Hatfield's autographs. They're right next to Mickey Mouse and my classmate's autographs, actually. I went to a Tori Amos concert in the mid-90s, and that's also about the time I saw The Screaming Trees. Once at Disneyland we saw the cast of Full House, but Mom wouldn't let us talk to them even though they were all wearing Full House denim jackets (not exactly under the radar) so we just stood quite a ways in front of them and Mom snapped a picture with them in the background. One of them waved. So much for stealth.

I can't think of anything else, and I realize this is all rather pushing it. I'm trying to make a point people, jeez. And that point is that Oregon Governor John Kitzhaber came into our office yesterday.
John Kitzhaber! From his Facebook page!
I think this story is best told as I described it on Facebook last night:
This is just to say that Governor John Kitzhaber came into the office today and shook my hand (he has quite the grip) and said he was pleased to meet me (and then I just stood there grinning at him like an idiot) and then I presented him with one of the News' Legacy books and he said thank you when he left the building and I'm pretty sure this means we're best friends.
I was sorely tempted to tell him I am a big fan of his work, but I was also trying to be professional and not pathetic, so I went the grinning idiot route, and he smiled back (probably because he was worried for me, who cares, John Kitzhaber smiled at me!), so I think it just as well.

P.S. I called Eric immediately because apparently the rest of the office is used to shaking hands with high ranking government officials and were pretty calm about the whole thing, and I needed someone to properly appreciate what just happened. And he was all, did you tell him he's actually your boyfriend?, and I was like, he had a police detail, dude. So no.

P.P.S. Now that I think about it, I DID tell the police detail that I was thrilled to have just met the governor and probably came off looking like a fangirl. I did not get arrested or even tasered, so I guess we'll call this a win. But that might be because I gave them Legacy books, too. One got a paper cut when he put his books in the car and I gave him a bandaid. Um, I'll just stop now.

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