Friday, November 15, 2013

I do what I can

So my dad calls Wednesday morning to say that he hit a button or something on the computer and now the mouse was doing everything backwards--up is down, down is up, left is right, etc. etc. etc. Would I come to the house before work to fix it?

I have sort of a techie role in my family (and Eric's too, but less so these days since I threw a fit and bought an iMac three years ago. TOTALLY WORTH IT). Well, I WAS the technology coordinator at the middle school for five years. But that's just because I was straight out of college and my youthful enthusiasm hadn't been squelched yet. Also: The principal didn't care that I was an English major and had zero experience with computers up until that point, and seemed to think it perfectly logical to have me installing CD drives and memory chips and software and whatnots. It was kind of awesome in that I learned a lot really fast. I didn't know what I didn't know, so I just did it.

So I get to my parents' house around noon. Mom and I start chatting, and Dad is like, let's stay focused here, people. Side conversations later, and we're all like, sir, yes sir! So I follow him down the hall into what used to be my old bedroom but is now their computer room, and sit down to see if I can sort this thing out.

It is WEIRD trying to get a mouse to move when it's going the opposite of all your directions. I struggled to get to the finder so I could get to the whatever thing that allows you to set your mouse preferences (that's totally legit lingo right there. I'm an ex-technology coordinator, I know these things). Finally I maneuver the cursor to where it needs to be and click to open.

Except the mouse is not clicking.

I look down, and the mouse? Is pointed UPSIDE DOWN. So I put it right-side up and hallelujah! Problem fixed.

"I'm a computer genius!" I crow, arms raised in my best Rocky impersonation. I'd have punched air too, but I didn't want to hit the computer or my parents--it's not the biggest room ever. Mom and I were ready to collapse from the awesome. Dad asked me to please not tell anyone.

Um, oops?

I'm counting this as a win.

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