Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Project 333: Week 5 recap

You guys, I have made a serious error in judgement.

Before starting Project 333 (of which I have no regrets, by the way--that's not the error), I would have told you that I wear EVERYTHING in my closet. Every dang thing. And that I am particularly fond of button-down dress shirts. I probably have 15 to 20 of the things with various sleeve lengths because I see them in the store and I'm like, I love that. It looks crisp and neat. Plus I work in an office. If a button-down dress shirt doesn't scream "office," then what does?

Here's the thing, though: I've been keeping daily track of what I'm wearing (because I'm anal, okay? Shut up) and button down long-sleeve dress shirts? I wore a total of 11 days out of 31 (the month of October). Compare that to t-shirts (long and short-sleeved plus my tank tops): 29 out of 31 days. Sometimes, yes, I wore those things underneath a dress shirt, but more times than not I just tossed a cardigan over one and called it a day. Paired with dress pants or a skirt and sometimes a scarf, I like to think I didn't totally embarrass the family.

Basically this month I learned that I don't really like button-down dress shirts as much as I thought I did. So it's kind of unfortunate that I have so many. I think maybe that's why I was feeling so frustrated getting dressed every day, even with a smaller wardrobe to choose from--it was filled with things I thought I liked, not things I actually do like.

Weird lesson. I did not expect that.

Anyway, new plan: I have a fresh batch of 33 items for the month of November. Most of them are the same as what I started out with, but I cut back on the button-downs and added to my t-shirts. And this time, I grouped a couple of things together to get just 33 (looking at you, shoes and scarves). I tried to concentrate on neutrals as a base and rely on my cardigans and scarves for color:

  1. Black long-sleeve t-shirt
  2. Grey long-sleeve t-shirt
  3. Navy long-sleeve t-shirt
  4. Black tank top
  5. Navy tank top
  6. White tank top
  7. Orange print tank top
  8. Navy t-shirt
  9. Black t-shirt
  10. Black/white dot button down shirt*
  11. White button down shirt
  12. Teal button down shirt
  13. Dark blue button down shirt
  14. Black cardi
  15. Orange-red cardi
  16. Plum cardi
  17. Teal cardi
  18. Grey turtleneck sweater
  19. Black skirt
  20. Grey plaid skirt
  21. Denim skirt
  22. Purple skirt
  23. Grey pants
  24. Black pants
  25. Twill pants
  26. Black cords
  27. Dress denim
  28. Jeans
  29. Scarves: Teal, orange, black, navy
  30. Shoes: Danskos, boots, flats
  31. Coat and gloves
  32. Beige jacket
  33. Denim jacket
Well... we'll see. So far, though, Week 6 has been rather less of a chore. I'm giving myself permission to redo the list again for December if need be. There's definitely a learning curve to dressing with less. I had no idea trying to have a minimalist wardrobe would require so much work. ;)

*I bought this shirt--which is a rather lovely thing--at the Goodwill Boutique downtown. It gets a lot of comments. Anyway, the point is that I thought it was navy, but just last Thursday I discovered it's actually black. For some reason the tiny white dots give it a navy look in the sunlight. I don't know, it's still awesome, so whatever. I'm kind of glad because black is easier to navigate.

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