Thursday, October 31, 2013

October Pointless Lists

The Lone Johanna For No Reason.
October! Happy Halloween! This year Johanna is dressing up as "The Lone Johanna For No Reason," which means she's a motley assortment of green cape, Iron Man mask, Eric's OSU Beavers jersey and a pair of pajama bottoms. What to the ever, people. I made the cape, by the way, using the Little Red Riding Hood costume my Aunt Ann (hi Ann!) made me when I was like five or something as a guide. And because I don't own a sewing machine, I used the leftover no-sew tape I found in my sewing basket (there's irony for you) that I suspect is from the curtain project I undertook when Eric and I were first married... 18 years ago. Huh. Well, mission accomplished, anyway, and Johanna loves her cape (even if it will never win any prizes), so we're calling it a win.

Also: Why do people get worked up over Halloween? It's a cute little kids' holiday. We need to relax, America.

Um, what was I talking about again? I forget. It probably wasn't that important anyway.

Oooh, but here's a story for you: Last week, Eric went elk hunting with his family in Eastern Oregon. This meant that the girls and I were lawless in the house for a full seven days. It was kind of awesome. There was a lot of recklessness around the dinner table especially--the apple hand-pies Johanna had made at my parents' for dessert became a side dish one night, as an example of said lawlessness. That's what happens when you don't have any adult supervision. I actually shrugged my shoulders as I wrote that. This week we're back to normalcy (I'm a big fan of normal), and proper side dishes have been served and prepared. AND proper dinners, in case you were worried. Not quite as exciting, but there's only so much excitement I can take at my advanced age of 41 anyway. True story.

Pointless list time!

Books read:
So I had been waiting very patiently for Allegiant by Veronica Roth to be released Oct. 22. I had it pre-ordered on my Kindle and everything, so basically I woke up, downloaded it, and that's what I did that day. One thing about my Kindle Keyboard--it's not all that easy to flip ahead, so I am forced to read without spoilers. I know, right? BUT THEN. Abby had me pick up a hardback copy at the bookstore, and I had some time, and I flipped ahead... and was completely and utterly crushed. I've had a few days to work though my emotions now, Thank God, but wow, talk about a roller coaster. The book was just as fantastic as the other two in the series, and I highly recommend all three of them. They are wonderful. Just steel yourself for the ending. War, you know, pretty much sucks. And I think the ending is actually a good one... now that I'm over the shock. I always read a book twice when I first get it (once quickly to see what happens, and then again to savor), but I haven't been able to read this one over yet. Because, hello, CRUSHED. I will, though. Mostly because Abby keeps encouraging me to move on with some other of her series and I am just not ready to let Tris and Tobias go yet. I mentioned I love these books, right? I really just do.

I forgot to mention this before, but I attempted to read Ender's Game by Orson Scott Card (maybe last month? Maybe this month?) because it was on sale for my Kindle and, knowing Abby had to read it for Advanced Freshman English, and never having picking it up on my own, decided to give it a go. I think I lasted maybe a hundred pages before I deleted the thing completely--that's right, people, even off my Amazon Cloud. It was terrible. Why is this a classic again? The writing style, the ease in which Ender can do anything... it was just too dumb. Abby has to see the movie with her English class, so lets hope that Harrison Ford's handsome face is enough to save the thing. (I'm not going to link it, either, because I don't want to encourage anyone to read it. Seriously. Don't read it.)

Canning update:
There isn't one. I've done nothing all month. No peach jam as my go-to Christmas gift this year. I hope its fans are forgiving.

Project 333 update:
Ann called to tell me that dressing in all black isn't goth, it's European! That's much cooler anyway. So I'm embracing black again. Which is a good thing because that's half my wardrobe. I would also like to throw this out there: Fleece lined tights? Are like the greatest invention ever. Toasty!

Things I've learned:
Adult supervision is kind of necessary. It is possible to put your socks on when Skilly is in your lap, though it's not the easiest thing ever. Apple hand-pies are actually not the worst side dish ever because, you know, apples. Are healthy! Real letters still do come in the mail if you're lucky enough to have a friend who will write you one. :)

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