Thursday, January 21, 2016

P333: Long weekend capsule wardrobe

You guuuuuuys! Hi! :)

You know how much I love Project 333? I was in the outlet mall in Lincoln City and overheard a lady talking about her work uniform, and I was all, Oh, are you a Project 333-er? and she was like, No! What's that?!, and I was like, 33 items for three months, it's insane except it's amazing, Be More With Less, Courtney Carver. Google it. 

But you can just click this link: Be More With Less. You're welcome.

And P.S., Abby finds it inexplicable that I'm an introvert, yet insist on talking to strangers. Eric just calls it one of my consistent inconsistencies.

Side tracked at the very beginning of a post, now THAT is pointless ramble at its finest, except maybe the point is that P333 is never far from my mind. It's just that it's kind of changed my life and it's fantastic and I love it.

This past weekend, the Walker 4 joined the Walker 24 (missed you, J and Andy and Reid!) for three days of family fun (Christmas House? I Have A Dream House?) in Lincoln City, which means: Hella capsule wardrobe. I have a small Adidas bag and it only holds so much, and that's the way I like it.

I packed:
Black sweatshirt dress
Green leggings
Beige jacket
Santa Clara U long-sleeved T-shirt
Black turtleneck sweater
...And, like, PJs, tech cords, undies and makeup

Sweatshirt dress and green leggings.
I'm getting very bold in my old age.

I wore:
Black ankle boots
Denim jeans
Black long-sleeved T-shirt
Grey pullover sweater
Black scarf
Black coat

...And it turned out I overpacked. I never did wear my beige jacket, and while I wore my (workhorse, favorite) black turtleneck sweater to Mass Saturday night, I really didn't need it, either -- I could have just worn my grey pullover again, holes be damned. (Oh, wait, Mass, sorry, holes be darned! Get it? Because I should darn them! Oh, never mind. I really need more coffee.)

That's not even the only hole. Damn you, Eddie Bauer!

Another plug for a small bag: I can just take that thing into the bathroom with me and have everything I need right there, safe and sound and clean. I really hate putting stuff on, like, the back of toilets or toothpaste-splattered counters. It grosses me out. So I am a big fan is what I'm saying.

Um, and then just in case you're wondering: The weekend included a trip to the outlet mall (I'll write about that when I do my January P333 roundup), lots of time with babies (although Kayden and Logan aren't really babies anymore), lots of time for naps, football games and cards (except not for me), Mass, amazing tamales, not as much coffee as you'd think, and time to just hang out with in-laws and nieces and nephews. Oh, and an extremely alarming white elephant gift exchange. How alarming? Johanna could have gone home with this, if not for Sam, who really took one for the team and also just likes creepy stuff, apparently:

Seriously: How scary is this picture? I've seen Supernatural, I know what's up.
P.S. That's my favorite mother-in-law in the background, apparently not even
worried that those kids are about to kill us.

Anyway, super fun weekend as always. You'd think I'd, like, take some photos of the ocean or something, since Lincoln City is on the Oregon Coast, but nah, too mainstream. Plus I forgot.

The end, I guess.

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