Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Trisha, Minimalist

I am a minimalist.

Okay, I've been a minimalist for like a day and a half.  Longer maybe if you count all the blogs I've perused to get a handle on what minimalism even is.  But I've sort of come to the conclusion that I need to own it, take it on, say it out loud.  Because just thinking about it isn't making it happen.

When I cleaned out my kitchen and my closet, I was hoping that would be the snowball that started the avalanche.  And it was, for a while.  Here's the problem I've run into: Now I've got all this crap in Eric's office/brew room, mocking me every time I pass.  I've tried to get rid of it by putting ads in the paper, but apparently no one else wants this shit, either.

Well, not that I blame them.  Except some of it is pretty great shit, if I do say so myself.

It just bugs me.  I've managed to move crap from one area to the other without actually getting rid of anything.  What's the point?  Why bother?

Which is why I haven't tackled other areas.

And is also why I bought a denim shirt that I really don't need a couple of weeks ago.

You know what the point is?  Why I should bother?  Because I am a minimalist.  Because I want to spend less time cleaning.  I want to spend less time searching for the things we need.  I want to spend more time reading.  I want to be able to do fun stuff with the girls on the weekend.  (I'd include Eric in there too, but he's too project oriented.  Hey, it's been 17 years, we're in acceptance here, people.)  I want to be happy with what I have.  I want my self worth to come from the inside.

I just want some peace.

I don't think minimalism means stark and cold and complete denial.  We're not selling the house to go live in a van down by the river.  I'm not going to pare my wardrobe down to like six items.  I'm not going to limit my possessions to 100.  I'm not going to get all preachy, although I may write about it from time to time (especially since I know there are going to be struggles.  I am really great about getting rid of stuff.  I am really horrible about bringing more stuff in).

I am going to remind myself that things are just things, that relationships are the most important, and that an hour on the porch with a good book and a cup of coffee is a really great way to spend my time.

There.  I feel better.  Time to tackle the hutch.

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