Monday, September 3, 2012

Your eyes are so clear and so bright

Skilly didn't come home last night, and he still hasn't shown up today.  It's 3:33 p.m. so I get to make a wish.  I wish Skilly would come home.

Someone dumped three kittens off by our house too.  Abby and I saw them last night when we were screaming for Skilly to come inside, but I haven't seem them again today.  Eric thinks maybe Skilly just followed the kittens somewhere.  I'm more afraid he followed a coyote somewhere.

So yeah, we're worried.

Except Johanna, who's asking if we can get a black kitten and name it Doom Kitty after the cat in her favorite cartoon, Ruby Gloom.  This offends Abby to no end.  "Skilly is going to lead a LONG and HAPPY LIFE!" she said through gritted teeth before announcing she's headed outside to look, again.

Doom Kitty


I doubt Doom has a super awesome zero on her chest, though, like Skilly does.  Dang it, Skilly!  Where are you?

In other news, I just made a double batch of caramel sauce in my cast iron pan and fear I scorched it, although Johanna keeps eating it anyway, so maybe not.  I'm trying to get Johanna to clean her room, and it's taken literally all day for her to just pick up her Legos.  And actually, the Legos are still on the ground, so never mind.  I finished cleaning out the kitchen--we're minimal!--so that makes me happy.  I'm making wiener wraps for dinner.  I can't stop thinking about Skilly.

OH MY HECK.  Look who Abby just walked in with, but Skilly.  "He's GROUNDED.  He's staying inside," Abby says, and she totally means it.  "St. Jude comes through!"

Seriously, people.  Hallelujah.

Crowded House, Black and White Boy.  For obvious reasons.

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