Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I've seen the future, and it is awesome

YOU GUYS. I saw the future of bulk this weekend, and it was amazing.

Wait, is it the future if it's actually in the here and now? I'm going with a yes on that one because it's not in my world just yet, and that's what we're basing this all on, right?

Um, right?
From the Market of Choice Facebook page. Hope they're cool with that.
This weekend we went to visit friends in Eugene. (Hi Mara!) That's a post in and of itself, but I'm trying to focus here, okay?, so work with me. While there, we went grocery shopping for that evening's meal (let's just say we ate REALLY WELL for like three straight days) and that, my internet friends, is when I learned about a little place called Market of Choice.

I have never seen so many bulk options in my life. There was a whole build your own trail mix bar in produce when you walk in, and I thought that was impressive. And then we turned the corner. TWO FULL AISLES of bulk, including oils and vinegars. What? I've heard of such delights, but I had never seen them with my own eyes.

It was heaven.

So after looking around and lamenting the lack of my glass jars, I finally decided to just go for it. I mean, they had Chex mix. Natural vanilla chips. HONEY ROASTED PEANUTS. I'm not strong enough to pass that stuff up, especially when I have three weeks of school lunches left to pack before summer vacation.

And I mentioned the vanilla chips, right?

So that? Was awesome. The sheer variety of goods blew my mind. There were Skittles, for crying out loud. All manner of baking goods. Animal crackers! I just got the Chex mix, vanilla and milk chocolate chips, peanuts, and some honey sticks for Johanna. Oh, and butterscotch buttons for Abby, because she was there and she decided she needed that. Now that I'm home again I'm wondering why I didn't just grab and cart and go for it.
Market of Choice Facebook page, again.
Also awesome: The bulk prices were way lower than what I pay at home. I cannot touch honey roasted anything at my store for under $10 a pound. At Market of Choice those peanuts were $4.29 a pound. Do you see why I was so excited?

Anyway, the next time we're in Portland or Eugene--which admittedly will probably be in three years--we'll definitely be stopping at a Market of Choice branch and (calling first to make sure it's okay) filling up as many glass containers as I can get my hands on.

The thought makes me giddy.

P.S. I will write a post about Eugene... but that day is not today.   :)

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