Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Mother's Day coupons

For Mother's Day, Johanna gave me a coupon book she'd made in school filled with useful things like back rubs and hugs, plus dusting and taking out the trash thrown in for good measure. She actually gave the coupon book to me a day early because we made her clean her room for her First Communion party and she didn't want to just clean it to clean it.

She's no dummy.
Not one of my coupons.
Maybe next year. (Hint, hint, family.)
She was totally pumped about the coupons, and had me use one right away. I chose the card for two hugs, since I figured that was a good way to start things off. I mean, there were A LOT of Legos on that floor, let's begin positively, right? She gave me two bear hugs, then announced that even though she wasn't supposed to do it, she was going to let me keep that card so I could get hugs any time I wanted.

Well, thank you, child.

Then I handed her the clean your room card, and she tore it into four pieces before putting it directly into the recycling bin. So much for reusing that one.

P.S. While the hug coupon has been great, yesterday I handed her the song coupon and she halfheartedly sang "Jingle Bells" and then pretty much recycled that one right away, too. I feel kind of ripped off, if you want to know the truth.

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