Wednesday, March 19, 2014

The Care Package Project: March

Good news on the Care Package Project front this month: No freak snowstorms hindered the purchasing of items! Um, except then I picked up a few extra hours at work to write articles for a special upcoming spring-themed edition of the paper (that's another story for another time). So I ended up getting a later start than I meant to is what I'm saying. Well, nobody expects a Revolution to be easy.

We decided to shower my brother Tim with some extra love this month because he's just gotten over pneumonia and that kind of seems like a big deal. Everyone had ideas about what the package should contain, but when the dust settled, here's what we ended up with:
Figure 1: (Most of) the package contents.
This month's theme: We don't need no stinkin' theme
Tim's packaged contained:
McDonalds gift card (I freaked out the kid behind the counter when I asked for a gift certificate and he had to get a manager and everything to explain to me they only sell gift cards. As if, people. P.S. I voted Papa Murphy's Pizza, but was vetoed by both girls)
Glow Stick (that's like a flashlight, glow stick, whistle and flasher or some dang thing. Weird. Johanna was adamant that Uncle Tim needed this)
5 Peanut Butter Mountain Bars (Tim's favorite. He eats one a day or some such madness)

P.P.S. I'm linking to give you an idea of what these things are, should you not hail from the Pacific Northwest. Do not take this as an endorsement of any kind. I sent what Tim likes, not what I would get myself. :)

Once we got the contents together... well, the interruptions continued in the form of my grandfather having kidney failure (outlook is not good, don't really know what else to say about that) and a trip to The Town of My Birth to visit him in the hospital... so getting the letters and pictures going took an extra few days, too. Ah, well.

Side note: I compile the Yesteryears column for the paper and lo and behold, I found the following picture of Tim at the State basketball tournament in our archives. From March 17-ish, 1994. Obviously that had to go in my column. Because I do what I want.

So I threw in a tear sheet of that, too.
Figure 2: Probably violating copyright laws right now.
Tim will undoubtedly get me in trouble (or more like give me an exasperated, "Trish!") for putting said photo in the paper (he doesn't know about the blog I don't think, dodged that bullet), but you know what? Yolo.*

We had another box to reuse (Eric's been ordering a lot of packages lately) that I just wrapped up in blank newsprint (work perk) before sending out and wallah! In the bag. I was beginning to wonder if we'd ever get this out. Kind of feeling like a rock star for managing.

One more note: While the Care Package Project began as mine and Abby's New Year's Revolution, Johanna and Eric have now both joined the fray. So we're all in revolt.

*Note for my mother: Yolo means "you only live once." Abby says this CONSTANTLY. Well, she's 14. That explains more than you know.

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