Monday, December 9, 2013

Project 333: Month 3 list and thoughts

Some o' my items.
Since I gave myself permission to make my first Project 333 extravaganza a learning experience, and thus able to switch things out after every month, I decided to take a hard look at my closet and the items I didn't wear very much during November (or, in some cases, at all) and start fresh in December.

Well, sort of fresh. My favorites stayed put. The rest of it got piled on the bed. And then I commenced with "shopping my closet." You're supposed to box your extra clothing up, but mine is just in my wardrobe. Potential trade-ins were also tossed on the bed, and I began mixing and matching and kind of tearing my hair out.

Because you know what? I haven't really missed anything that's been in the wardrobe at all. Still, I pressed on. I tried very hard to make my denim shirt work, but decided that I don't actually like it very much, plus it only went with a couple of things. (Turns out my favorite dress pants do not work with denim shirts. Ah, well.) I also tried hard to make a relatively new grey button down work, but... I just couldn't. So anyway, yadda yadda yadda, a bunch of my wardrobe-bound clothing ended up in bags to give away. If anyone wears a size medium to large and wants to look through my stuff, you're welcome to it. :)

I also ditched some things that are wearing out and/or I'm just not into anymore. A couple items that are seriously wearing out but are staples stayed in my closet--they're on my list for replacement, but until I find something suitable, I'm going to just make do.

In order to make 33 items (because I was down to 26 and I didn't really want to go that low... mostly because I'm too scared), I added back a few things that I subtracted for November. I know, that's crazy talk, but I promise to ditch anything that I don't regularly wear January 1. (Maybe I really will wear those long-sleeve button downs when it's freezing outside? Or maybe I will finally get it through my head that between the idea and the reality falls the shadow. I'm apparently a slow learner.)

Anyway, I am still surprised at how much I have learned from this exercise (wants verses needs and what compels me to shop--boredom, mostly, and misplaced dreams), even if I am cheating this go-round. I *think* I'll be able to hack it for the January-March period like God and Courtney Carver intended. (Here's the Project 333 link in case you're interested.) That's the goal, anyway.

My December list of 33 items:

Black long-sleeve t-shirt                 
Navy long-sleeve t-shirt
White long-sleeve t-shirt                
Black tank top
White tank top                             
Navy t-shirt
Black t-shirt                 
Black/white dot button down shirt           
White button down shirt                 
Teal button down shirt                 
Dark grey button down shirt
Black button down shirt
Black cardi                             
Orange/red cardi
Grey cardi
Plum cardi                             
Teal cardi                             
Black turtleneck sweater     
Beige jacket                             
Denim jacket                       
Black skirt                             
Denim skirt                             
Purple skirt 
Beige skirt     
Grey plaid skirt     
Grey pants                             
Black pants                             
Beige pants                       
Dress denim                             
Scarves: Teal, red, black, navy, orange           
Coat and gloves                       
Shoes: Danskos, boots, ankle boots         

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