Sunday, December 29, 2013

End of the year pointless thoughts

The other day Johanna told me that she hadn't figured out what her New Year's Revolutions were going to be. She was wondering if maybe I had. I don't usually make resolutions, but now that we're talking revolutions, I'm totally in. Except it's sort of a lot of pressure. No one ever expects to keep a resolution for more than a couple of weeks, but a revolution? That's hardcore. That's serious. So I've been contemplating my options. It's fun to think about, anyway.

Also: Now I say "New Year's Revolutions" and everyone thinks I've misspoken. No. This is what it's called now, forever and ever. It's kind of like how I still call hand sanitize "hanitizer" because that's what Abby called it when she was three. Kids are fun.
December was surprisingly sunny.
This year went fast. I guess it didn't seem very fast when I was stuck in the middle of it, but wow, the past couple months have flown by. Thanks to the blog, I can remember what even happened. Because I'm at that point in my life where yesterday and ten years ago are all pretty much the same in my mind.

Highlights (?) of 2013 include...

January: The Sort of Remodel commenced and I somehow managed to not lose my mind. Also, we learned Skilly had been misnamed.

February: The Sort of Remodel is finished!

March: I got pink eye! That sucked, actually.

April: Abby got Confirmed. That was kind of an ordeal.

May: Johanna made her First Communion. Two big parties in two months = exhaustion.

June: Abby's 8th grade promotion! (And no party!) We had a Very Minimalist Christmas with my parents and my brother, and it was awesome.

July: I made homemade mint extract for the first time. And turned 41.

August: Johanna's backyard carnival was a hit. We survived a Very Canyon Vacation.

September: The girls started school and Abby and I got kicked out of a bar.

October: I started Project 333 as a way to step up my minimalism game. Johanna was the Lone Johanna for No Reason for Halloween. And my cousin's wedding in Seattle was really fun, even if it was a quick trip.

November: Thanksgiving! Not shopping on holidays that are supposed to be about family and gratitude!

December: Christmas was fun, and we're looking forward to our annual New Year's Eve Walker Four party. Because that's how we roll.

I'm not really sure what else to say about 2013, except that it happened and now it's over. How's that for philosophical? I like the fresh start a new year brings. I'm ready for January 1.