Friday, January 17, 2014

Project 333: January-March

Gettin' smaller all the time
You could successfully argue that I was just playing Project 333 the first three months I dared to participate. That's because I gave myself permission to start slowly--to go through my closet every month and reassess what I was wearing/wanted to wear/thought I wanted but really didn't. That freedom gave me confidence; I realized that 33 items can get you through a host of weather and social situations, which was mainly what I was worried about. When you're used to "unlimited," an actual limit is kind of scary at first.

What else I learned: When your closet is small, everything in it needs to work together; no one notices (or cares, maybe) that you're wearing the same items all the time; and wearing only your favorite clothing makes you feel like a rock star.

For the Jan. 1-March 31 challenge, I'm going the full three months wearing the same 33 items like God and Courtney Carver intended. I've tested the water and it's time to dive in. I'm not worried about the "what ifs" anymore. My closet is more than adequate.

Case in point: Weather conditions in January are often different than they are in March. But instead of having half my closet dedicated to spring "just in case," I just made sure to have a decent top that can be worn without a jacket and matches all of my pants and skirts (looking at you, black tank). With a pair of flats, early spring is in the bag. I count nine potential outfits with just that one top. If I add a sweater or a scarf, we're talking many, many more.

Winter rotation:

 1. Jeans
 2. Dress denim
 3. Black dress
 4. Grey dress
 5. Tan dress

 6. Denim 
 7. Black 
 8. Beige 
 9. Grey/blue 

10. Black long-sleeve: Needs to be replaced
11. White long-sleeve
12. Navy long-sleeve
13. Black t-shirt
14. Navy t-shirt
15. Beige t-shirt: Want to replace with white
16. White tank: Needs to be replaced
17. Black tank

Dress shirts:
18. Black/white dot
19. Blue ¾ sleeved

Sweaters and jackets:
20. Black cardigan
21. Plum cardigan
22. Grey cardigan: Needs to be replaced
23. Teal zip up
24. Black turtleneck
25. PLACE HOLDER: Bright pullover
26. PLACEHOLDER: Neutral pullover
27. PLACEHOLDER: Fitted jacket in blue or navy
28. Beige jacket
29. Denim jacket

30. Dress scarves:
Red infinity

31. Shoes (all black):
Ankle boots

32. Outerwear:
Coat, scarf and gloves

33. Special occasion:
Black/white dress
Black/blue dress

Not on my list: Tights (I consider them underwear), my PJs (a pair of leggings and an old long-sleeve t-shirt, and my favorite thrashed navy sweatshirt when needed), my navy blue Converse All-Starts (workout clothes! Um, for all the working out I do!), and jewelry (I really only wear my wedding ring regularly, although sometimes I'll throw on a necklace or bracelet).

The placeholders indicate changes I want to make in my 33, but haven't had the time yet. I've decided to cut down on my blouses and just embrace the fact that I'm a t-shirt and sweater kind of girl. I may or may not add/replace everything within the next three months. I'm not particularly worried about it either way.

It's taken some effort to get my fall and winter capsule under control (that's Project 333 speak for you right there), but it was worth it. Anyway, all of this is just to say that if you're thinking about Project 333, don't let fear keep you from going for it. Start small if you need to, rearrange the rules a bit, see what happens. I bet you'll have fun.

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