Thursday, January 30, 2014

Three pointless things

1. Yesterday was 32* and rainy.  The roads were fine, but all the trees and plants and whatnots were coated in ice. (See photo above for proof.) This morning it was already 40* when I took Johanna to school, and I wasn't worried at all about road conditions until I hit a patch of ice and almost slid into a horse pasture. Well, we're rural. Anyway, I got control before that point, but wow. Not awesome.

2. Remember how we were winning gracefully just a couple weeks ago? Those days are over. Abby's team played an Eastern Oregon school last Friday and got shut out. How shut out? Abby had the only two points at the half. My mother-in-law reported that not one person on the other side clapped when our girls made points even when they were up by like 50 or whatevs. Hmmm. Kinda tacky.

2.5. Johanna's basketball season has started up, and she is having a ball. It's fun to watch 3-4 grade girls after all those freshman high school games. They couldn't care less what the score is... they're just out there, bouncing around and having fun. It's a joy to watch. (Um, no, they haven't won yet... and I clap no matter who makes a basket. Take that, The Man!)

3. I'm 98.5% sure that everyone who has called me at work lately is just drunk. Quit being drunk, people! I've been asked to look up phone numbers for Portland TV stations and car dealerships in the next town over, who's on the school board, and whether or not parking in front of our blue paper boxes means someone owes you a paper. The moral of this paragraph: My patience is waning.

Um, so that's what I've been up to lately. I'd tell you about how my hip/back is bugging the crap out of me the last few days, but that would make four pointless things and I've already written my title, so there you go.

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