Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Free lunch part 2 plus a random work update

Hey, remember last week when I wrote about how our office is in first place in the Great Classified Ad Competition Between Worksites? We're still ahead! Several people in our office have posted items now, and some of them have even sold stuff (I have sold roughly one thing out of 17, although Eric has a nibble on an item today, so I guess we shall see, who cares, TOTALLY NOT BITTER).

Keep your fingers crossed. For the lunch, I mean, not the sale. ;)

In other news, I have an elderly gent (I assume he's elderly) who has taken to calling me whenever he wants a phone number. Our conversations go something like this:

Him: Hey, is this still you?
Me: Yep, still me. You still you?
Him: As far as I know. Will you look up Radio Shack's phone number for me? I just need the last four digits.
Me: Give me one second. Maybe six.
Him: So what's going on? You're not busy, right?
Me (trying to ignore the piles on my desk and open tabs on my monitor): Nope.

So that's kind of exciting. Usually my community service is just helping people get items from the top shelf at the store. I guess I can add this to the list, too.

The end.

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