Monday, February 24, 2014

Yet another Project 333 update

Happy half-way point of Project 333's winter cycle to me! This is a nice milestone since my first cycle I was just messing around with the rules. Six weeks with the same 33 items?!? I'm practically a rock star.

That's not to say it's all been a breeze. I'm fighting some serious shopping pangs at the moment, even though I know I have everything I need. But wouldn't a nice new* lightweight white or beige knit pullover be so nice?

Yes, it really would. That's why I'm keeping the hell out of the stores. Not because this project is about depravation and suffering (it isn't), but because I need to just sit with myself and be grateful for all the wonderful items I already own. It's kind of awkward to admit that while my brain is onboard with minimalism, my heart could go either way. Self-actualization isn't all it's cracked up to be.
My scarves!
Shopping pangs aside, I am very happy with the clothing I chose for my winter capsule. Well, except for my everyday jeans, which I just realized are getting a hole in the rear. Dang you, Eddie Bauer! They're not even a year old! The hole is tiny, and frayed edges be damned, I'm going to patch that sucker up from the inside and TAKE THAT, THE MAN.

Ahem. Sorry. Lost my train of thought. Let's try this again. I am very happy with the clothing in my closet, and maybe even happier with the clothing that isn't there. All those button-down shirts I thought I liked? Don't miss them. Having two is plenty. All in all, what I'm left with is a wardrobe that feels like mine. Not the wardrobe I *think* I'm suppose to own, but the wardrobe I actually want to wear. That's kind of a nice change of pace and an unexpected perk.

P.S. The only item anyone has commented on me wearing repeatedly is my black wool jacket, which, yes, I wear that thing every single day because hello, cold. Another item I wear constantly (i.e. at least twice a week, I'm not scared) is my red infinity scarf--but I got asked recently, by someone who sees me almost every day, if it was new. That made me laugh. Ugly Shirt Theory confirmed!**

So that's the State of the Union: Trying to embrace gratitude, happy overall with my closet, kind of looking forward to that last week in March when I can start planning my spring rotation, thinking Skilly has the right idea about taking a nap right now except it's almost time for work so never mind.

The end.

*Goodwill, retail, whatever. Just new to me.
**Everyone is so worried about their ugly shirt that they don't even notice yours. My infinity scarf is super gorgeous, but still, you get the picture, right?

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