Wednesday, February 5, 2014

I've done way dumber things for a free lunch

We're having a classified ads contest at work. Our company just switched internet classified providers, and let's just say it's not going well--the people despise the new system, but ever undaunted we continue on. Anyway, so this contest was devised as a way to beef up ads both online and in the newspaper, and the gist of it is that whichever worksite places the most ads gets a free lunch / visit from the president with his juicer in tow.

I really want lunch. So I was all, I am on this!

We got a company-wide email yesterday saying that our office is in first place, so that was exciting, but then Stacey sent out another email that was all, 17 of the 22 ads from our office were placed by Trisha! Good job! and I was like, ooooh, great, now I look kind of pathetic, like I've got nothing better to do than place ads.

Which, actually, I don't. Who cares. Free lunch! And apparently the office is thrilled with our standings because everyone kept congratulating and thanking me. We've still got three weeks to go, people. Let's not lose sight of the goal here. Help me out!

And then David from Composing (which means he lays out the paper and designs ads and stuff) and was all, I placed an ad too! And I was all, we are carrying this office on our backs, David! And then we decided that even though we were doing all the work, we'd still share lunch because we are nice like that.

So that was fun. The end. I'll keep you updated.

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