Monday, May 19, 2014

The Care Package Project: May

Figure 1: Cody's college care package.

This month's Care Package Project is brought to you by Abby, even if I'm the one who did all the shopping because oops, time kind of got away from me (I know, shocker!) and this thing needed to go out by the 16th, so there wasn't time for a Walker Family Goes Shopping kind of extravaganza.

Have we actually ever even HAD a Walker Family Goes Shopping extravaganza? So maybe never mind.

Abby is the one who really wanted to send cousin Cody a care package. We meant to a couple of months ago, but then decided we'd wait until dead week / finals. Tangent Alert: When I was in college, the parent group would give students care packages during dead week, and it was awesome. My mommy always signed me up for the package, and I looked forward to them very much. All of that is just to say that so much depends upon sugary treats when you're finding excuses not to study.

Here's what we included (our grocery store has some awesome, random stuff):

Figure 2: Load o' crap

Chewing gum: Orbit AND Big League Chew (a little leaguer's dream)
Red vines (also known as licorice)
Payday candy bar
First aid kit
Rubber baseball

Here's what you need to know: Cody is 19 and a relief pitcher for his college baseball team. He lives in a dorm.

Here are some of our favorite parts of this whole ordeal:

Figure 3: Swagger Body Wash! Ha ha ha!
That's just hilarious and totally worth the 89-cents.

Figure 4: First aid kit so when the boys bean each other with the rubber
baseball down the dorm hallway they can patch the wounds.

Figure 5: Razors were a special request from Abby, who's tired of seeing
Cody sporting his 'stache on Facebook.

I included one of Johanna's cat cards for Abby, Eric and I to write on, but Johanna made her own:

Figure 6: I love Jo's little characters.

I'd say this is a pretty successful package, all in all. You've got all your food groups covered, you've got necessary items for maximum baseball enjoyment, you've got some diversions, you've got Swagger body wash. What part of that isn't a win?

P.S. Again, please don't take any of the above product links as a personal endorsement on my part of any kind. This isn't stuff I would personally buy. Mostly because I couldn't eat any of this if I wanted to live. Not bitter, moving right along, I was channeling my inner college student here, that's all. I'm only linking in case you're not familiar with the products and are therefore wondering what the heck I'm talking about. You might be wondering that anyway. It's hard to know.

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