Friday, November 21, 2014

Grocery fun time

Last weekend, the Walker Four took on the grocery store together, which now I'm remembering why I generally go alone, i.e. we spent a crap load of money because everyone kept throwing things into the cart. Well, and it didn't help that the organic section was having a sale. I overbought, I won't lie.

Anyway. Not the point. The point is that while Eric was looking in the beer section (he ended up with Sierra Nevada Celebration and Deschutes Inversion--we've been to both breweries and even eaten inside, who cares if we're posers?), which is near said organic section, so the girls and I amused ourselves by looking at the teas while Eric made his selections.

And we saw THIS:

On sale!

Now, look, it's true that Abby was a little grossed out by all three of these, but I am not opposed to drinking something that will help my menstrual cycle not suck (looking at you, cramps), and I can see why someone might want help with lactation (although thankfully, those days are way behind me). But the Smooth Move--chocolate flavor!--had me rolling on the floor.

And then this guy we go to church with happened to be right there on that very aisle, looking at us funny, and I'm all, Smooth Mooooove!, and he's like, um, do you know what that's for?, and I was like, sure, but look! Chocolate flavor! and that was all I could get out because obviously, that is some funny shit.

HA HA HA. That tea is really the gift that keeps on giving. Best shopping trip EVER.

P.S. So what's a tea that doesn't suck? I'm almost out of my cinnamon vanilla tea, and I'm wanting to try something else. Preferably coffee flavored.

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