Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Random Act of Kindness-ed


Let's set the scene: It's late Monday afternoon, it's freaking FREEZING in the newsroom, and things are fairly quiet as we work on our various components for the upcoming issue.

And then Stacey and Kelly (who is the new Deb in Reception, not to be confused with Deb in sales, except both Debs are gone now, so boooooooo) come back with two trays of Dutch Bros. coffees.

The big ones. With flavors.

And we're like, uh, what? because Stacey and Kelly are grinning and asking us what we'd like. It took a minute to figure out why they were giving us coffees. Turns out the Boy Scout troop brought coffee as a "random act of kindness." And Stacey was all, they're just asking you pay it forward.

So here are these delicious foo-foo coffees, just waiting for us to drink them, and Baby Ben is actually sitting there, trying to decide if a Caramelizer is worth having to do something nice later. And I'm like, are you KIDDING ME? It's COFFEE.

Stacey handed me a White Chocolate Mocha and was all, you have to take one of these little cards, too.

That made me laugh. I thought a random act of kindness was something you just did; passing out a card afterwards seems a little off the point to me, but hey, I'm not going to question the Boy Scouts. I married an Eagle, which is probably why we're always prepared. ;)

And, you know: COFFEE.

I felt compelled to announce that this unexpected delivery was the best thing that had ever happened to me, and Ben was like, really? You're life sucks! And I was all, well, you know, besides the birth of my children and marrying Eric, but it's definitely up there.

It didn't take long for the newsroom as a whole to hit a sugar high, so we went from quietly working to bouncing off the walls. It was awesome.

But now that the coffee is gone and the sugar rush has faded, I'm left pondering what I've gotten myself into. Do I really need to keep this card and pass it on? Can I just do something nice anonymously? Will I be letting down the Boy Scouts if I do? Why did I think I could drink a White Chocolate Mocha at 4 p.m. without any repercussions? Also, how in the world did I miss Dutch Bros. $1 coffee day? Those Boy Scouts are tapped in.


onwritingbymf said...

OK, I'd say you'd better consult Eric about the card, as he has the in with the Scouts--he'll know what's right. Secondly, how are your guts after that escapade? Third, um, D.B.'s does $1 days?

Trisha Walker said...

1) They didn't pass out cards in the '70s and '80s, so he's hopeless. 2) My guts were probably as well as you'd expect (that is to say, not). 3) Only rarely, which is why it's a bummer I missed this one. I adore me a periodic vanilla latte.