Monday, November 24, 2014

Project 333 month two round-up

Oh, that's just my closet.

Again, I say to you: It's way easier to dress with less in the summer months. I mean, I'm totally dressing with less now that winter has blown in with a vengeance (we went from the 60ºs to the 20ºs in two days, from beautiful blue sky and russet leaves to 7-inches of snow and... well, still russet leaves, which is a nice contrast, I think), but it's different. I'm editing my wardrobe weekly, it seems, because there are things that just do not make sense to hang onto now.

I'm a big fan of decluttering.

Like tank tops. What the hell am I supposed to do with a tank top in the snow? If our office had a heating system worth anything, maybe I could pull it off, but right now I'm wearing fleece-lined tights and long sleeve t-shirts under everything for extra warmth. I feel like a sumo wrestler.

Whatever, I guess.

Here's my original list; October additions are underlined, items ushered to my standing wardrobe to await warmer climes are crossed out, and those now languishing in my Goodwill donate bag are blue, crossed out and italicized. (Overkill?)

Pants: Jeans, black, grey, beige, dark beige
Skirts: Grey, denim, beige, multi-colored t-shirt
Tank tops: Navy, blue multi, orange multi, black/white
Blouses: Grey, black/white, teal, white
Long-sleeve t-shirts: Black, navy, nicer navy, light blue
Sweaters: Teal cardigan, grey turtleneck, grey cardigan, black cardigan, navy cardigan, blue pullover, black turtleneck pullover, grey sweatshirt, plum cardigan, grey stripped pullover, purple zip-up, brick pullover
Jackets: Denim, beige
Scarves: Red, navy and grey, navy and teal, orange, blue/black flowered, black
Shoes: Boots, ankle boots, Danskos, Cobb Hill cuties,Converse All-Stars, Cobb Hill flats
Outerwear: Coat, gloves and hat

So what, you might be asking yourself, is up with the bolded, underlined items?

Ahem. Well, I went shopping.

I know, I know. Look, when Eric went hunting for a week, I was sad, and I used it a an excuse. On the upside, my very black/grey/navy wardrobe has more color. I don't know what else to say about that. I'm not sorry, but I feel bad. Um, because I should be sorry, and I'm not.

I'm not sure where that leaves us, friends.

Moving RIGHT along. This month, I let go of my grey button-down blouse (which I am sad about because this thing is awesome, but the last time I wore it, I felt so uncomfortable and constricted. I just don't like button-down blouses) and my beige pants (which are actually fairly new, but they've shrunk so much that they're almost high waters, and I said goodbye to that era of my life circa 1993, when styles finally began to change for the longer).

Before I saw the list, I thought I'd gotten rid of so much more than I apparently have. Huh. Well, between the idea and the reality, as ol' T.S. and I are fond of saying. Maybe it just feels like more because I've taken out 10 things, except only half are gone forever.

So that's the State of My Closet. The end, I guess.

P.S. I know this looks like 39 items, but technically only 26 count, since I like to group scarves, shoes and outerwear together. Because I can, yo.