Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Eric + Trisha = Power Couple

This is JUST like us!
Except with more pride and way less prejudice.

Once upon a time, like on Monday, Eric and I were standing on the sidewalk between our respective offices (we work next door to each other because we're adorable like that) talking (I brought him his phone because he left it on the counter that morning), when who should walk up to us but the mayor-elect.

And he's all, Walker and Walker! I've never made the connection before! And then we exchanged pleasantries for a moment before he continued on his way.

(I couldn't figure out how he even knew who I was, until Eric reminded me that I work for the newspaper. Oh yeah! I forget sometimes that people actually read what I write.)

After he left, Eric was like, we're like a power couple because even the mayor knows who we are, and then we discussed how we're climbing the ladder of success and notoriety, except it's more like a stepping stool. You know, the kind that helps little kids reach the sink. Because it's a very short ladder. Um, never mind.

Now, though, whenever we do anything, we're all, is this something power couples do? This feels like something a power couple would do, and then we laugh like loons because A) We don't get out much and 2) We're hilarious.

(I'm saddened to report that the girls care not one bit that their parents are a power couple. They just roll their eyes. It's very disappointing.)

P.S. The current mayor thinks I'm drunk because I called and left a long rambling message on his cell last week for work. In my defense, it was at the end of the day and I was tired. Anyway, instead of just saying, would you send me a picture for this article I'm writing about Veteran's Day? (the dude does a lot of photo archiving for the county museum), I tried to explain the project and what I wanted and... well, by the middle, I knew it was a disaster and that I really just needed to hang up. But I still kept talking. I'm kind of terrible with messages.

The end.

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