Monday, March 9, 2015

Life lessons part II

Not Silly. But who can resist this picture?

Johanna turned 10 in December, and suddenly I was faced with a conundrum:

Do I tell her about Santa with Christmas so close, or do I let her have one more holiday where she may or may not believe?

Look, there's no way that she can't know. She's got a savvy class. She's got a smart brain. The whole thing doesn't even make sense when you stop to think about it. I found out when I was seven. I waited to tell Abby until she turned 10 (and it came as no surprise).

But still... Johanna is my baby. And I didn't want to ruin anything for her prematurely, even if I suspected that she already knew the truth.

And now we're closing in on Easter, and the question loomed again. I mean, I'm usually all about crushing dreams, but even I have my limits.

Last week, while tiding up the kitchen after dinner, Johanna and I were talking about Easter. When she approached the subject of baskets, I was like, if there's anything you'd like in your Easter basket, you need to say it out loud so the Easter bunny hears, okay?

And then, based on the look she gave me, I was all, uh, do you know about that?

She put a finger to my lips. Shh, she whispered, tell me when I'm a preteen.

Okay, then. Question answered.

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Anonymous said...

That is too perfect, "Tell me when I'm a preteen." The fact that she would even say this is absolute proof she knows none of that stuff is "real". I'm amazed Abby didn't tell her years ago, as usually happens for the younger child (read, me, and Ryland too).