Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Just an average day of crushing dreams

Once upon a time, like on Sunday, I covered the fire district memorial ceremony for the newspaper. I always feel bad when I'm sent out on these kinds of missions because I'm a writer, not a photographer (we have a great photographer, so I really suffer by comparison), and also because I only partially know what I'm doing a great deal of the time.

Eh, what could happen? Besides getting fired for being a sham, I mean.

Simulated fire truck.

I was only slightly late, and anyway it didn't matter because the ceremony hadn't started yet. I set up next to some friendly faces and started to shoot. I walked around like I knew what I was doing (when in doubt, just fake it, you guys. Totally works), trying not to block anyone because I'm more a door than a window. (Well, you would be too if you were 6-feet tall. Even if you're shrinking.)

Here's what I learned: It is HARD taking photos and notes at the same time. I'm usually interviewing at my desk via the phone. Less chance of tripping, that's why.

Part way through I see two boys standing at attention by the fire trucks, mimicking the stance of the large group of assembled firefighters there for the memorial. So I snap some pictures and quietly ask their names, and then go about my business.

When the ceremony was over, one of the boys came up to me and started telling me all kinds of great stuff--how he's 11, and he wants to be a firefighter as soon as he's old enough, and how he actually goes on calls now with his dad, who's an EMT, but he has to stay in the car.

"Although one time, I did help a lady because she fell down and there wasn't anyone around to pick her up," he said earnestly. "But then I went right back to the car."

So much awesome.

Anyway, so as we're talking and I'm taking notes, he asks if I'm with the news. When I told him I was, he immediately yelled to his buddy, WE'RE GONNA BE ON TV!

Seriously, I loved this kid. But I didn't love telling that adorable face that we're talking print, not television.

Ah, well. I'd say it's not every day I get to crush dreams, but it kind of is. (That's called "parenthood.") And P.S., there wasn't even room to print the picture. Anyone else have a dream they'd like crushed? I'm on a roll over here.

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onwritingbymf said...

Hilarious. Sad, but absolutely hilarious!