Thursday, March 19, 2015

Out of order

You guys, this has been a good week at work, but a long and hard week too. And I'm totally not complaining because A) so many words! and 2) that's kind of fun. Oh, and C) the words are actually behaving themselves, so yay!

But I'm kind of at my limit as I write this. My plan is to crank this post out (it's Thursday night) and just go to bed. It's 6:46 p.m. I'm kind of impressed I've stayed awake this long, to be honest.

I was going to stay at work and get a couple of my stories (due tomorrow for a special section coming out in April) all wrapped up, but I just couldn't. You know when you can't even think anymore and your eyes are all blurry from looking at a monitor for seven straight hours? That happened. I figured the Universe was telling me to call it a day.

Confession: I was so tired that our dinner was take and bake pizza. Totally processed (sorry about that, Jesus), but it was all I could manage. But the really sad part is that, when confronted with the list of choices, my brain couldn't even process any of it. So I just got cheese.

The girls didn't seem to care.

In conclusion, here's a picture of Skilly being a brat this morning:

"I see you have food! I also enjoy food!"

The end.

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