Monday, March 2, 2015

Light 2015: Reading retreat

Remember when I got fed up and cleaned my reading retreat a couple years ago? Well, it no longer looks like this:

The good old days.

I now looks like this:


My food drier does not really live here. Those are
flour sack towels I bought 6 months ago to make into
zero waste bread bags. Oops.

You guys, I can't even.
(Mara, America, The Book is for you.)

Well, at least the books look decent.


It actually doesn't look so bad from this view.

I've either lost my mind thinking I can clean this up in a month, or I've finally been pushed past the brink of despair and into action. Yeah, probably I'm just crazy.

So this is my Light project for the month... and it's going to be tough. My goal is to deal with ALL OF IT. That's been my problem in the past with this room: What I don't want to deal with, I just shove in a corner for "later."

Blerg. Why did I decide this was a good idea again? :/

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