Monday, May 25, 2015

Johanna's bakery

You guys, we have created a monster.

And it all started so innocently:

Trisha Morrissette Walker
May 5 at 7:01pm · Instagram
My greatest accomplishment as a mother has been teaching Johanna how to make chocolate frosting. Every time we're out of treats, she makes a batch. She's gotten quite good.
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Around the third or fourth batch, I wondered if perhaps I had put the cart before the horse:

Trisha Morrissette Walker
May 13 at 6:26pm · Instagram 
It has occurred to me, belatedly I admit, that it's time to teach Johanna how to make cake...
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The good news is that my mother saw my Facebook post and took it upon herself to teach Johanna how to make a cake. Or, more accurately, let Jo loose in her kitchen with the recipe and the ingredients, with help only on the oven front. Jo thought this was the BEST.

She brought her finished cupcakes home and frosted them with some leftover frosting (that was maybe her fourth batch, and it tasted like heaven. She is really getting good at chocolate frosting), and then started planning for her next creation.

Last week, she made orange frosting and my mother's white cake recipe:

I'm not entirely sure how she made the orange frosting, but I have a feeling she just winged it. It tasted like a Creamsicle but without the alarming neon color. It was seriously, seriously good.

Irony: She didn't like it. The cake was good, she thought, but the frosting wasn't her thing, which is too bad because she'll probably never make it again. Well, maybe if I ask nicely.

For her next batch, she was thinking of grinding up some leftover candy canes for a peppermint kind of extravaganza, but then she got distracted by a homemade cookie mix I'd been gifted:

The moral of this story is that we are up to our eyeballs in treats, Johanna has decided she'd like to be a baker when she grows up, and we're all pretty happy about the way this turned out, although my kitchen will probably never be clean ever again.

The end.

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