Friday, September 11, 2015

Back to school...

Labor Day was late this year -- Sept. 7! -- and thus, school was late in starting, too. If I may be so bold as to start with a tangent, I've always found it interesting that we celebrate labor by not working. Although maybe that's the point.

Johanna's first day of school was Sept. 8, and, in her words, she has been "excited and terrified" to start fifth grade. Because it's her last year at Mid Valley (and the Walkers' 12th year ... we've been in and out of that school so much I can't even imagine NOT), and next comes middle school. And then, if you're Jo, high school, college, midlife crisis and death.

(The kid is a worrier. Huh. Wonder who she gets that from? Perhaps it was destiny that I named her after my "very alert" grandmother.)

But still, she was up and completely ready to go by 6:45 a.m. She wanted to leave the house by 7:30 for the 7:40 class start, and we totally would have made it too, had I not remembered that we needed Official First Day of School Photos (all caps so you know it's legit).

When I asked her how it all went, she said, "Good."

Well, that's going to satisfy the Grandmas...

But hey! Look how cute she was on her first day of school!

This kid is clearly mine.

All those Facebook shots of little girls in cute
little dresses ... this is like the anecdote to that.

Abby's first day of school and her first day of classes were two different things. She was at the high school Sept. 8 for registration, then back again Sept. 9 to show the Freshmen around (she's a LINK leader. I have no idea what "link" stands for. Something about unity, probably). But classes didn't technically start until Sept. 10 (happy birthday, Uncle Tree!).

I don't know, you guys. That seems really late to me.

Her thoughts: "Actually it didn't suck as bad as I thought but AP Chem already scares me."

Huh. I never even made it to Chem, let alone advanced Chem, so... I can't really comment on that.

...And the required first day of school shot for Abby, like so:

"Hi Classmates. I'm Abby Walker and I'm always hip for casual fun."
She asked me to write that.

So clearly excited that I'm making her take pictures!

Bonus shot: Abby and her friend were taking Very
Serious Photos. I'm not really sure what's going on
here -- she's either making a teepee for Skilly or she's
trying to build a fire -- but honestly, it's probably best if
it remains a mystery.

I've enjoyed the laziness of the summer -- I mean, I've gotten to sleep in too, since I've had no one to take anywhere but myself -- and its lack of schedules. And I think it's good for a kid to be bored all summer. Teaches them some life skills.

But I can't say I'm not also looking forward to fall. I love the crisp air, the fresh apples and the relief that comes when the days are more structured.

So here's to the unofficial start of a new season.

P.S. Fifth grade and 11th. I can't even, you guys.

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