Friday, September 4, 2015

Pointless Experiments: Art journal


During. There is no after...

Once upon a time, like around May, Abby and I embarked into the world of art journals. Except that Abby actually is a great artist, while my talents lean more towards stick figures.

She takes after her father on that front.

I'd seen a bunch of art journal posts/whatnots on Tumblr, and it looked like a lot of fun. It's basically just an excuse to make a mess. You can actually buy journals that give you directions page by page (a la Wreck This Journal), or you can just buy a blank book and do whatever you want.

Guess which I chose?

Because I'm contrary, sure, but also because there's the whole non-artistic side of myself. I can write, you guys, but that's kind of how far my creativity stretches. I guess I was kind of a decent scrapbooker back in the day ... but that's more color combinations and layout than artistry.

Well, whatever. Maybe the biggest lesson in all of this has been not to compare my pages to Abby's. Hers are gorgeous. Mine are mine. I've gotten a little less judgmental of myself as the months go by and just try to enjoy the freedom of putting my thoughts on the page. Perfection is highly overrated.

Is it weird that a 43-year-old would embark on a new hobby of this sort? (It does seem rather like a teenage angst kind of ordeal.) Yeah, probably. But it's so fun, you guys. I'm already scoping out blank books for when my current one is filled.

P.S. Abby and I tend to do this together while we're watching Supernatural. I'm not sure what the lesson here is. Maybe scary crap lends itself to creativity? Oh, and she likes to go in order, but I skip around all over my book. That's just how I roll.

Some of my favorite pages (please don't judge):

Supernatural gives you plenty of time to doodle.

Technically Ann should be 5%, but I didn't
plan the Math very well.

Cat cutouts from magazines ... and then a little help from Johanna.

I got a book to review at work, but we don't
do that, so I took it home and cut it up. 'Cause it had
some awesome words and graphics, that's why.

Collage of birthday cards.

Two pages still in progress. I love writing down the random stuff
that comes out of Johanna's mouth.

Also created during Supernatural.

Another page by Johanna. I love it that
she knows this to be true.

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