Monday, September 21, 2015

Anniversary, revisited

Anniversary selfie. Not edited 'cause we don't care.

On September 2, Eric and I celebrated our 20th wedding anniversary.

Which begs the question: When and how did Eric get so old? ;)

Eric and I have a fairly relaxed stance when it comes to anniversaries. Maybe because they're usually coinciding with back to school dinners and whatnots. And to be honest, it's not like if we miss THE DAY the world is going to end. Maybe that's 20 years talking, or maybe it's just that we're very wise and mature.

Ha ha ha! Yeah, probably not maturity. More like just personality.

Well, anyway. This year we actually DID celebrate on the day, probably because school started late this year. And on a Wednesday night and everything.

Eric took me to a new/old restaurant (old restaurant, new name) for which he had a buy one get one free coupon (well, we are rather thrifty minimalists). We had the place to ourselves except for another couple who was there celebrating their 65th anniversary. High-five, co-anniversariests!

Although suddenly 20 didn't seem like that big of a deal anymore.

So we order (eggplant lasagna for me -- which contained no pasta, actually, and was amazing -- and shrimp and penne pasta for Eric), and we're sitting there talking and such, when Eric pulls out a handmade card for me.

Oh damn, I didn't get him a card! Because I suck. Strike One.

He's like, oh, I didn't even expect one, calm down, and I read his nice words and I got a little teary because that boy really does love me a lot.

Profound thanks, more talking, and then he's like, oh yeah, I almost forgot, and he's smirking in a way that tells me I'm on Strike Two.

And he gives me this bracelet that he made himself:

Huh. How is this blurry? I just put it on the scanner...

You guys, there is no Strike Three in this story, but you can imagine how bad I felt. No card, no present, just air. "And your love!" the waitress helpfully supplied.

He was pretty pleased with himself to have surprised me so thoroughly. And apparently my love is enough because he didn't even act disappointed.

Anyway, we enjoyed our dinners, but decided that since we had a coupon and were saving like $16 or whatever, we should probably get dessert so as not to be lame. Right? We ordered apple pie with vanilla gelato and OH EM GEE, as Johanna would say, that was a really good idea on our part.

And the girls devoured the leftovers when we got home.

P.S. Here's the card that was waiting for us when we got back from our date:

There is way too much awesome going on here...

Johanna was adamant that Eric have me home at a respectable hour. She
also gave us $5. (We found a way to tactfully give it back later.)

So that's how we spent our anniversary this year, you guys. It was awesome AND lame, and I'm not sure how many people can say that about their 20th, so I'm going to count it as a win. Everyone knows Eric is a way better person that I am anyway; this just proves it.

The end.

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