Monday, December 29, 2014

Project 333 Fall cycle month three round-up

It's hard to believe that another Project 333 cycle is already over. That was fast. I'm not really planning to make any changes to my current wardrobe, even though technically I can on January 1 for the next three months. There's just nothing I really feel the need to mess with at this point. Not that THAT will stop me from writing about it in a few days. Because minimalism! Is fun!

And a girl can always change her mind. ;)

To recap, here's what I started out with... and what I'm ending with. The bottom list is much shorter. When will I get it through my thick skull that the more I cull from my closet, the better it gets? I can never seem to remember that at the start of a new season.

Oct. 1
Pants: Jeans, black, grey, beige
Skirts: Grey, denim, beige, multi-colored t-shirt
Tank tops: Navy, blue multi, orange multi, black/white
Blouses: Grey, black/white, teal, white
Long-sleeve t-shirts: Black, navy, nicer navy
Sweaters: Teal cardigan, grey turtleneck, grey cardigan, black cardigan, navy cardigan, blue pullover, black turtleneck pullover, grey sweatshirt, plum cardigan
Jackets: Denim, beige
Scarves: Red, navy and grey, navy and teal, orange
Shoes: Boots, ankle boots, Danskos, Cobb Hill cuties, future Cobb Hill flats, Converse All-Stars
Outerwear: Coat, gloves and hat

Dec. 29
Pants: Jeans, black, grey, dark beige
Skirts: Grey, denim, beige, multi-colored t-shirt
Tank tops: Black/white
Blouses: Black/white, white
Long-sleeve t-shirts: Black, navy, light blue
Sweaters: Teal cardigan, grey turtleneck, grey cardigan, black cardigan, navy cardigan, blue pullover, grey sweatshirt, plum cardigan, grey stripped pullover, purple zip-up, brick pullover
Scarves: Red, navy and grey, black
Shoes: Boots, ankle boots, Cobb Hill flats
Outerwear: Coat, gloves and hat

This month, I said goodbye to my teal button-down blouse (love the color, hate the button-down part) and retired a few of my scarves (they're more suited for spring and summer). Plus one new scarf ended up being a complete waste of a purchase: it's too big and bulky and makes me feel like a sumo wrestler when I wear it, which is probably why I don't.

And the surprise of the month? How did I never noticed how awesome my white button-down blouse looks underneath my pullover sweaters?! (I guess blouses don't bother me when they're hidden. And neutral.) It's been the workhorse of December.

Abby took my denim jacket out of retirement this month for her own use, and I was happy to be able to loan it to her. It stretched her wardrobe and seemed to work well enough, despite her being a size smaller than I am. I don't think that counts in my total, though, since I wasn't the one wearing it. :)

The end, I guess. See you next season.

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