Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Project 333 winter wrap-up

Johanna's anime snowman I may or may not have already posted.
The last time I wrote about Project 333, I was fighting serious shopping pangs and looking forward to selecting my next 33 for the April-June cycle. And here we are, right on the cusp, and I find that I don't really mind my winter 33 that much after all.


Well, this stuff has served me well. I didn't keep track of numbers this time because numbers are boring, so I can't give you exact figures, although why you would care about the exact figures of my wardrobe is beyond my comprehension. I can tell you that my winter capsule got me through weekends, work days, hospital visits, church, a whole slew of basketball games, interviews, walks, road trips, cold snowy days and warmer spring days. Some of my items I decided I liked in theory but not in real life, and they are currently in my basement awaiting the annual church rummage sale in June. Some of my items I decided I like way too much to part with for the spring cycle, so they will stay in my closet.

The other day I emptied out my wardrobe, aka Where I Store All My Extra Crap Clothes, and it was kind of fun to see what I had in there after all this time. Some of this stuff I haven't seen in six months, and it was like, hey, I remember you! There were a few no-brainers to include, and a few more that I had to really think about. Because 33 is a lot, and also a challenge.  Especially when you're holding over 19 of your winter items. But that's another post for another time.

Here's what I learned this winter from Project 333:

  1. It's okay not to shop and enjoy what you already have.
  2. A nice tank top will serve you well when the weather unexpectedly turns lovely.
  3. All the clothes in a 33-piece wardrobe need to be your favorite/best clothes.
  4. Bright scarves keep neutral basics from feeling so... neutral.
  5. Sometimes what sits untouched at the beginning suddenly becomes the go-to piece at the end (looking at you, beige and denim jackets).
  6. Whatever you wear on any particular day is going to make you feel like a rock star (see #3).

And here's why I encourage you to join Project 333 if you're on the fence:

  1. There's a lot of freedom in dressing with less. It's not as limiting as you might think.
  2. NOBODY notices. Seriously. They just don't.
  3. Feeling like a rock star all the time is awesome.
  4. Worry about not having enough/needing something in the future/making the wrong choice never, ever pans out. 
  5. Look, it's not like you pick 33 items and toss the rest. You just put them away. You can go back to those items any time. This isn't clothing jail.
  6. And yes, you can still shop--you just have to cycle other items out.

So that's it for winter. Shout out to my wool-ish coat for keeping me toasty warm every single day, my tall black boots for just being awesome, and my black long-sleeve t-shirt for being a workhorse.

The end.

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