Friday, July 18, 2014

Project 333: July through September

So hey! Time for a new Project 333 rotation! That's pretty exciting, right?

Actually, I kind of forgot about it, I was that happy with my wardrobe. I thought I'd just keep my spring 33, but then decided that hey, this is a chance to mix it up a bit, so what the heck. Except it turns out I don't have a lot to mix up anymore, what with my massive purging and everything.

Yay me, I guess.

So basically here's what I did: I looked at my wardrobe, just hanging there all nicely in my closet, and then I thought about what kind of weather we will probably have in the next three months--it's summer, but we're in the Pacific Northwest, so that generally means we could be hot or cold, rainy or sunny, depressing or awesome, maybe all in the same week. Maybe in the course of a couple of days. Maybe in the same day. It's just what we do.

And then I closed the closet door and walked away.

Easiest Project 333 rotation ever!

Well, I guess that's not entirely true. I traded my navy blue long-sleeve t-shirt for my new blue-ish rummage sale long-sleeve t-shirt. I took out a pair of jeans that are beginning to get a hole in the seat. I pondered counting scarves (no) and shoes (yes) this time.

Multi-colored orange tank

Below is my list. You'll notice I'm at 31. I'm not really worried about it. It's nice to know I've got room to add if I need to. I sort my closet by color, so this is actually how it looks:

 1. Pants
 2. Long-sleeve hooded t-shirt

 3. Long-sleeve t-shirt
 4. Short-sleeve t-shirt
 5. Short-sleeve blouse
 6. Tank top
 7. Cardigan
 8. Dress pants
 9. Sandals
10. Flats (? Not really, but I'm not sure what else to call them)

11. Short-sleeve t-shirt
12. Tank top 
13. Jacket (favorite, have had four years)
14. Dress pants
15. Skirt
16. Capris

17. Multi color tank (this thing literally matches everything)

Short sleeve navy multi pretty

18. Zip-up cardigan (getting a small hole in the sleeve but I'm cool with that)
19. Long-sleeve blouse
20. Long-sleeve t-shirt

Navy / Blue / Denim
21. Skirt (favorite, but it's going to need replacing eventually--it's horribly made)
22. Short-sleeve blouse
23. Short-sleeve t-shirt
24. Tank top
25. Multi pattern tank
26. Pull over sweater
27. Short sleeve multi pretty
28. Jacket 
29. Skirt 
30. Dark wash jeans 

31. Skirt (favorite, have had for five years)

Huh. I have exactly three patterned articles of clothing. Everything else is solid. I am a big fan of solid.

P.S. This is my fourth Project 333 rotation, and heck yeah, I'm proud of that. When I first heard of the project, I thought it was insane. And just look at me now. There's a lot to be said about traveling light, even if you're not traveling at all. ;)

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