Monday, July 14, 2014

Arts and crafts

Abby is going through some kind of crafty phase this summer, in which she's making hella friendship bracelets, sewn a bean-stuffed "dubious looking dolphin" (her words) "that I will pass down to my grandchildren assuming it lasts the month," and is attempting to create a portrait of Ron Swanson, among other things.

But her best project so far has been tie dye.

Abby and Johanna had maybe too much fun with this whole ordeal. I kept getting texts at work, asking if they could raid my sock drawer (um, no, I do not want tie dye undies), so finally I told them to just raid Eric's sock drawer, because hello, what's his is mine. (Kidding. I told them to ask first. He's nicer than me, so he donated some old t-shirts to the cause. Johanna ended up raiding her own closet and came away with a pair of the most psychedelic underpants ever seen, but that's another post for another time, meaning: Never.) 

The girls made both Eric and I t-shirts, which they presented to us with much fanfare after work, and the next thing I knew, we were modeling. Things quickly went from bad to worse:

We THINK we can be serious...

But no. We can't.
P.S. Abby says she's an ostrich, but I'm thinking more along the lines of T-Rex.

So whatevs. This tie dye train cannot be stopped. Or something.

P.S. Bonus shot, Dip the Dolphin:

"He's manly, but he's pink. He's a walking contradiction, except he doesn't walk.
His name is Dip, because he looks like a dip." --Abby

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