Monday, January 19, 2015

Packing light, long weekend edition

This past weekend was the Walker Family Christmas House in Lincoln City, Ore., which is always a good time because A) We get to visit with a lot of really cool people and 2) babies! Fun fact: Babies are so much more awesome when they're not actually yours. (Well, mine were, of course, but there's something to be said for 10 and 15.)

But we'll talk all about that on Friday. Today we're focusing on my tiny little wardrobe and how that translates into a three night, four day mini vacation.

What I wore on the way there:
Jeans (my one and only pair)
White button-down blouse
Maroon pullover sweater (aka my favorite sweater EVER)
Ankle boots (aka my footwear workhorse)
Black coat

In the bag:
Long sleeve black t-shirt
Grey stripped pullover sweater
Beige jacket (which isn't even in my rotation. Ah, well)
Twill pants
Black scarf

Totally don't even count:
Funky jade pendant
PJs (leggings, long sleeve t-shirt, hoodie)
Unmentionables (euphemisms are dumb)
Hella tech cords for my iPod, iPad, Kindle and phone (can you say "poser"?)

I figured I could wear the jeans and sweater from the trip to the coast on the trip from the coast, so that took care of two days right there. The other two days equaled mixing and matching my jeans with my black t-shirt with my grey pullover with my beige jacket with my twill pants with my black scarf. I was tempted to throw in a black cardigan too, JUST IN CASE, but then I figured it would be good for me to embrace the fear head-on and just keep that thing hanging in my closet.

Whew! Ten (countable) items to rock a basketball game, eating, visiting, a televised Seahawks game, shopping, church and playing with babies. And P.S. I had plenty of room left in my cute little bag.

Now, the real question on everybody's minds (I'm sure): Was I able to keep my wits about me when faced with the outlet mall Eddie Bauer? That's another topic for another day. ;)

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